Carolina G. is a woman full of energy, ready to take on the world and spread awareness of Christ through her massage work, ministry, artistry and music.  She outgrew her hardships in life and is now excited to bring this new found joy to the lives of everyone she comes into contact with.  Growing up in Sunday school, she once walked away from Christ and claimed Atheism.  No one can accuse her of dogma. She definitely questioned her beliefs and came back to Christ with a fire unrelenting. 


Graduating from Massage Therapy Institute in Davis California,  June of 2012, Caroline enjoys painting, drawing, knitting, sowing, and many other creative arts.  Her music is self produced using Apple GarageBand Loops, as well some songs she plays on Acoustic guitar.  Music will continue to be released periodically but her main focus in life work, is to teach others how to live by walking in the light shining from within.  



"I minister to others in hopes of sharing what I now understand to be important."

Carolina -