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Carolina G. Is The Masseuse Part 2-B

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Chapter: Internal Healing

Healing the body is pointless when we do not understand our first problem source and roots, are most likely from our internal state of mind, emotions and spirit. These aspects of whom we are, maintain the ability to destroy us from the inside out. Remember, the brain is the cleverest animal. Have you ever met someone whom always has some sort of ailment about their body? Either sick all the time, or simply always going to the doctor, trying to get better?

Being physically sick is the main indicator of someone who is going through things internally or facing some difficult life issues. More than that, it’s sometimes an indicator of a practice of self-destructive thoughts which result in behavior and sometimes even health ailments. No not always but a lot of times.

I recognize how mind over matter is a real phenomenon. Look, you are a powerful being inside of a weak vessel with a power switch board, your mind, and it will always look to make you think things if you won’t sit in the captain’s chair. It naturally wants you to obey and worship “it” in itself and it has fears. It’s afraid that you will soon realize, YOU are the true power.

Therefore this thing tries hard and creates ways to trick, to make you think that “you,” are “it.” But don’t believe that lying mind, stand strong and know that you are not a simple and controllable being. You must remember who you are in your truest form. Only then can any one of us have all of that power back within our grasp.

The past only matters when looked at for understanding and growth because the past is Gone.

Dead and gone. But the future, no matter how possibly short it may be, is still to come. So prepare for it. Quickly and patiently. Strong and with true strength, but remember that ‘strength of spirit’, appears as weakness to those whom are confused about what they think, and practice backwards thinking.

But you aren’t here for their opinions of you, you’re here to serve those whom CAN see you.

There are SO many that need you here. And there are many that will never see or fathom the truth within themselves enough to see yours. But trust, many need your help. You must fight for them and you. Fight to understand how you can help them by first fighting to get ahold of your ability to control your behavior. Because the fight is always first within, and this place IS a psychological war. A war of the wits and spirits.

A war of ‘truth vs. the lie’. And the lie is that you are lied to by God. Yet God is truth and cannot lie, but your brain (serpent) can. So lays the importance of knowing the difference. Remember not to forget to remind yourself that you must remember to stay close to the truth by living in it, surrounding yourself with it. It’s scary sometimes, but don’t worry. God will protect you and bring you out of any ginormous looking situations, no matter where you end up. He’ll be right there with you.

Death is the end of the work you’re given to do while you’re here and whatever beginning happens after, no matter what people believe, only your beliefs matter. You hold your own beliefs. So if your still alive right now, take heart, and know you still have a chance to make things right again.

The amount of belief and focus we have about where we go when we die is all going to be based upon choices we will make. It holds significant importance because your beliefs equal your actions and what you feel will happen when you die and leave this reality is all connected to how you behave. Being realistic is supposed to be about subjects that exist while we’re here in reality, so let’s talk about those things that will help you while you’re here.

You and God. God is here now. You are here now.

God’s not waiting for you to leave and be with him, no, HE IS here now. With you. Always has been, always will be.

Throughout all the issues, problems and inevitably horrible situations I faced, even the ones that I’ve made some pretty sketchy choices within and put myself in some serious pain, have taught me that I can either learn to trust in God and always call on him for all things through all things. Because he is the only way out of all situations that are so dire and scary. Or I can be terrified and panic or worse, lay within the self-strangling bed of self-hatred. Kill that monster within by trusting in your ability to ask for your power to conquer the wrongness within and grow the rightness of living in positivity and love. Service to others.

Get UP!!

Go outside and go for a walk! I sometimes play this game with my daughters when we go for walks. It’s called the “Hi,” game. We say hi and smile at everyone we pass, and if they say hi back or wave, then we won. If not, we laugh a little and keep on strollin. Try and try again until you win. Go help someone. Somehow. Even if just a little. By smiling or saying hi to people, you can do something to help in some way. And no matter if they care or appreciate it, it’s not about them caring, it’s about you being thankful to them for being here with you in order for you to be able to take that opportunity to interact with them or serve with love in some manner.

Here’s how I see it. I’m thankful for my ability to give to people and so it’s possible I should feel like it’s because of me that those who end up coming to me, must be in need because my need is to care and help others, so perhaps their need is a result of my aspiration to serve, and I need them to be in need so I should be thankful for them being in need instead of annoyed or overwhelmed by how many people are in need.

This thinking makes my mind shift to viewing others as being my charge, not my burden, being my work to be done and now I need to do my work and get it done well.

Pay attention to your thoughts.

In my mind I often hear my thoughts wanting me to make sure my intentions of a memory or action or words, were loving and not unkind. Like, sometimes my mind is in rewind mode thinking about situations or conversations and going over with me if I responded loving enough or could have been better. My mind now tests me and reminds me to stay on track with the selfless nature of whom I know Jesus to be. That’s why our beliefs are so very important, because they determine how we will react or treat others. They do not determine however, how people may treat or react back to us, and that’s where I think many become confused. We forget that not everyone will be grateful or care or want our help or anything of the sort.

Some people are just miserable and seem to want to be that way. But we must not be moved by it, we must remain who we are and behave the way we know we want to be, in kindness, forgiveness and love. If the thoughts within me are mean or hurtful at any time, I literally say within my head, “Stop it in the name of Jesus.” And I won’t allow those thoughts to strive or live within me. No. Because what we let grow within, will sprout without, and the fruits we pull from that wretched tree can only be poison to ourselves and those around us.

The kingdom of Heaven is within you and the mansion that is set for you to live in, IS a state of mind WHICH EXISTS RIGHT NOW. “The kingdom of heaven” and “God” and all those specific historical words, are about being alive and how we must keep in our minds our reasons as to why we will choose to not be mean or react in a hurtful, unthoughtful way, no matter if someone has hurt us or not. It’s about setting yourself up with that home in the clouds above all the madness in this lifetime, while we’re here.

Because the idea of “eternity” only resonates with some, but that doesn’t mean it only applies to those whom know about it or believe in it. No. Even those whom claim to be peaceful in their thoughts, ideas and actions, yet deny Christ, are simply ignorant. I.E. Stupid = Lacking knowledge.

It is the action of denying the truth that will set one’s mind into a backwards spin. Because denial is insanity. The factual information on Christ’s life is verifiable truth that exists here now and needs to be known. It is not hidden. It is not so complicated to understand. Nor is it meant for very few to access.

The fact remains that it’s impossible to be in a loving space of mind and learn the historically documented facts about the most loving man whom lived so long ago and then deny the facts of those accountings, and only see lies. How can one deny the importance of that kind of truth, then choose to deny it as being truth, and continue on life’s path under the flag of “Peace, love and harmony”?

To see the love in others is to be in harmony with yourself.

Some whom claim knowledge of Christ and to be walking on his path, also claim to be the special ones whom are covered by God; and all others are not. Which is saying that only bad things happen to people whom are not covered by God because they think bad things happen to people whom do not know. Yet, ALL are covered?

We’re are all here together.

I’ve learned that these perspectives are dangerous and hurtful. Because like me, many who believe in God have turned bad into an opportunity to render love. To apply love to the wounds. Therefore the wounds are no longer painful but a necessary work. A source of need for your love, here because you are here. Here with you.

The way I see it, when an attack or negative occurrence happens to those whom are covered by the knowledge of Christs love, they are able to maintain peace inside, because the difference between the two different mind sets and people whom have the covering of believing in God, is only everything.

Its how one thinks about things. And those who know God do not react the same way as those who do not.

We leave the understanding part up to God and simply push forward with our love tractor. Gently and in a slow way, God eases the mind into reconciling with our own determined feeling of being violated and abused by some loved ones. I remember often feeling a want to feel justified in cutting them off or being hurtful back to them, which left me living in error by allowing a specific thought pattern that made me feel like the abuse I was spreading back, was for a good reason. But eventually I was able to wake up my thinking and focus my mind on who Christ really is and what he does and how he gets us through it all. And it occupied my mind gently allowing forgiveness for their actions against me and instead of being hurt, I now felt appreciative.

I now felt free of the heavy heart of feeling like no one loved me since I was a baby or that they didn’t do their best by me. I now seen it differently and the result is a new mind which gave to me a new internal peace about some pretty heavy things. Though it took time for me to find forgiveness and acceptance on many occasions, I continued to strive for a peaceful internal land. I began to notice that I would go back and forth a lot and allow my mind to convince me I was wrong and those loved ones are horrible people whom I should shut out. I had to fight against my mind for a very long time. And as the blows kept coming, and my internal balance was pushed and pulled around like a strong wind, I continually sook out reminders and surrounded myself with facts of what I already knew but hadn’t been able to fully accept like, “God is Love.”

Instead of being angry at the abusers for the abuse they chose to inflict, I now knew that those abusers were the ones who needed help. Help to see. Help to heal and love to spill over upon them.

Along with attaching my acceptance to this new frame, I had to also recognize that many others looked at me and my beliefs as irrational in thought but then again who cares what they think about my mind. I’m the one who has to live next to it all day and night, so problem solved. I choose what to care about. And I choose not to care about the opinions of people whom would put me down as being less than them, though I will serve them in Love.

Sometimes in life we just need to clean our “mental mirror” or “turn the lights on,” because often we won’t even notice that the mirror is dirty, or that the room is dim at all because we’re just so used to not being able to see. It’s all fine and normal until someone turns on the lights and you see it all.

I’d often be doing dishes in the kitchen, when someone would come in saying, “why is it so dark in here, turn on the light.” And they would, and then I’d realize how much better I could see at that moment, but I didn’t even notice that it was slightly dark before those lights were turned on. Not until I seen the lights go on, did I know how much easier… I could be doing things.

Sometimes when I’m in such deep turmoil of self-suffering, my faith in God wavers. But the longer I learn to walk with the understanding of making aware choices and that most things are out of my control, and must be accepted, the more my strength in trusting God becomes. Even if I recognize that I’m trying to trust in ‘Gods will’, but inevitably do not and just cannot, inescapably I know I must. And I’ll be less angry and or disappointed in those moments and then react less attached to the negative emotions of the situation. In these moments when you or a friend are in a deep down feeling a loss of any sort, or wanting to die, trust me. I was there too and I wrote this for you.

I was sitting in my car at work, crying really hard from missing my one year old baby and scared as hell that she was being hurt and I wasn’t there to protect her and all I could do was pray. I even reached out to someone I felt was a friend but couldn’t feel relief, I had to simply do what I know I should. And in my conversation to God I became calmer and began to write this.

For you.

Dear Other Me Who’s in Fear,

I know your hurting right know, and so am I. But I want you to just follow these letters as they pass by within your beautiful eyes, on this page before your cloudy eyes, for now, okay? Look I know the fear is holding you tightly, but don’t look away from this string of words until this letter is complete. Okay? We’re together right now.

Wipe away those tears, and take three deep breaths and remember that I’m writing this to you while I too am sitting in my own fear. A fear that things won’t get better, and wont “work out for the best,” as everyone so easily keeps saying will happen. I’m really scared that I am going to end up in worse pain than now, when I get to that place in the future, that decision making moment, the one that seems like it all lays in the hands of another human beings control and power. Because I feel so powerless and scared right now.

But we’re here together.

And I know that I need to get through this in order to create the opportunity to get these words into your eyes. So I MUST keep myself from wanting to give up or do something that would leave my future in an even worse possible place than what I’m feeling right now. Know what I mean?

I mean, I’m feeling so desperate right now that I’m having really bad and scary thoughts that I know aren’t good at all and I don’t want to stay with them or let them grow inside my mind. So if this is how your feeling too, let’s take our mental broom and sweep them away together, okay?

Just envision the broom and you holding it, sweeping all the painful emotions out of your minds door way. And watch it blow away into the wind.

Done. That was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Was it difficult for you?

If yes, I’m really sorry, you are super strong though, because think about it like this, the harder things are, the more your strength will grow. So, you are one strong mickey fickey. Haha Serious though.

I felt weak and incapable like ten minutes ago, but I feel ready to jump back into reality and even though I wanna come in swinging at those who seem at fault for my fear, I know it’s not their fault that I’m experiencing this fear. It’s not mine either though. It’s simply here and so I need to steer clear of this want to blame them for where I am, because even if I was captured and put here. I have to get out of this space of mind and blaming my captors won’t be wise time spent on my plan of escape. And I need to focus all my efforts on being strong enough to think my way out. I can do it. I know you can too because anything I can do, you can do better.

Let’s force ourselves to smile right now okay? Even if it feels super fake or forced. Let’s do it together, Okay?

Ready? One, two, three.

Hold it. Hold it. Don’t let it drop. Okay, now rest them cheeks.

Thank you for smiling with me. Hehe.

One deep breath together. Okay………….. good. J

So! The problem was that we were feeling really down, scared and what else?

Let’s write those words here and get them out in front of our eyes. If you can’t write right now, just envision the words here.

____________________ ______________________ _______________________.

Those are heavy. But remember we’re here together Okay?

Picture me hugging you now. A gentle huggie mmmm. Okay. We are going to find a solution to this, okay?

Don’t worry.

This is not unconquerable. Believe me I feel better already, just by thinking that maybe you feel slightly better makes me feel better too. We are literally pulling each other through this right now. Sheesh, I really was scared.

Thank you for helping me.

You’re amazing!! J

Now, I’m going to ask you to get ready to start thinking about not following these words here in a few moments, okay?

Not yet though!

First I want us to write down or envision some words that describe a solution or its part, here.

________________________ _______________________ _______________________

I wrote: Remember, I’m not going to be so easily defeated. And. Here to help, must keep going because someone in this world might need my help. And. Focus on my work.

And someone needs you too, remember that.

Remember it well, and care about it because that’s strength, okay?

Even if you haven’t met that person yet or might be afraid they too will only try to hurt you, I’m scared of that too. But I know that if I’m focused on giving, instead of how I need to get gratitude or appreciation, I’ll know that those things are just bonuses on the road of self-sacrifice and my life in practicing giving without thought about what they can do for me or give back to me, is why I’m here.

Just keep giving, just keep giving, just keep giving, giving, giving. Haha.

Feelin better? A little maybe? I am.

If no.

Go back to the beginning of this letter and don’t stop following the words with your eyes until you are calm enough to be in your own mind.

Make a list of things you love to do and start doing one. Then the next, okay?

I want you to know that you are so important in this world. You are so needed and you will find out how by starting to focus your attention on outside, not on the pain inside. Work through the pain. I know you can. You are strong. There is an immense power inside you and you can access it at any time. Trust that, okay?

I love you so very, very much and many people in the future are waiting for you and have so much love for you too. Don’t give up. Breathe and know who you are.

Sincerely and warmly yours,

Carolina G. (-*-)

When I’m Here

I’m not a pleasure seeking measure

I’m not a measure of any pleasure

But my treasure lays in wait

Waiting for eternal fate

Holding back the bite

Though I’ve bitten back

I can know I’m working hard to control

Though my armor is impenetrable

When it’s on

I just have to hold on to it strong

But my strength comes and goes

So my armor waits and knows

I can’t do my best without it

That’s my best friendly

No doubt about it

My sword is


Chapter: The Masseuse Technique

The way ‘a massage’ is given as a technique, is meant to be but a foundation of a form to be built upon through growth from service to service. “The Masseuse” is an actual person, so in order to deliver the technique of a masseur, one must become a Masseur. The way one applies pressure and moves their hands and fingers and wrists gliding along muscles and bones is specific to strict practice of awareness and care. Yet it is but ONE aspect of the entirety of creating a wonderful massage experience. In order to give a ‘Master formula’ session, one must understand the technique itself is based on the awareness as well as breath of both the giver and receiver. This practice leads the hands and arms to be applied with precision. You’re not just giving, you’re following the lead whom is your receiver.

When I move I feel a flow of elegance releasing from me and going into my receiver. I watch as they breath because it tells me where to leave certain pressures and for how long. The communications between you and your receiver are very clear, if you listen and watch with care. As though to not only cause no harm but induce the highest level of maximal excellence in each and every stroke and breathe you take.

Here’s the “Master Formulation” to the method of my sanity.

I always start my receiver face down, though an excellent massage can also flow evenly if starting face up. Be quiet and do not overwhelm with questions or words during the treatment. Though many receivers are “talkers” and that’s okay too.

Example, I used to ask my clients to let me know if the towel going under their neck, was too hot or if each and every section had a good pressure. Until I observed the change in focus. I was interrupting the flow instead of allowing them to enter into that special dimension of relaxation, which feels like floating. So instead I learned to correlate the thickness of a person’s skin to the heat they may enjoy. I also make sure to open the towel warmer quietly and carefully. Example: When I first started massaging, my oily fingers accidentally made the door slam a few times. EEeeee

Ask “do you like your scalp, face and feet worked on”. Let them know you use hand sanitizer before massaging face. Comfortability and cleanliness is a common reason people may reject a face massage. And when the time comes they’ll smell the alcohol and know your hands are clean. Ask if there’s anything they would like to ask or tell you about the massage. Some may say they don’t like their feet worked on. Ask what kind of pressures they enjoy if it’s not their first massage.

(“Deep work” generally means your movements will require less speed and more area holds. When giving “Relaxation” or “Swedish”, the movements vary however so remain slow in general)

The ‘Master Formula’:

Begin by guiding the receiver with your voice. “Let’s start you out with three niice deeep breeeeeaths.” As you close the door quietly upon re-entry. Observe the ankle pillow for proper placement and adjust as needed. Walk around to check arms and body are evenly covered by sheet and blanket. Move to head of table. Apply slow firm pressure from middle back, to sacral hips. Saying, “and with each exhale, feel your body faaaall into the table.”

With firm, gentle pressure, push palms up to hold both hips gently, slowly rocking side to side. Scoop, pulling both sides back into ‘occiput’ at base of skull. Pull sheet slightly from neck area while lifting table to a better height (if working with automatic table). Massage neck.

Neck and scalp: With both hands, apply firm finger pressure circles into neck and occiput. Repeating a good amount of strokes. Slowly pull into a full skull pull. Hold for four seconds & begin scalp massage with gentle firm finger tips, each side. Use fingers to exact pressure on various areas of scalp. End short scalp massage with gentle pull hold on cervical occipital. Gently re-tuck sheet back onto neck and shoulders

Full body warm up: Walk to one side place and hold palm on gluteal hip, side region. Other hand pushes on leg, gently rocking down hamstring to bottom of foot. Pushing firmer pressure back up leg to shoulder. Pull off at palm of their hand. Rub back as you walk around table to opposite side and repeat process. Warm up is complete.

Back work: Gently lift sheet and blanket from shoulders together, neatly folding to low hips. Tuck each side under hips for comfort. Apply a few gentle dry pull strokes on both sides of spine, from sacrum to mid upper shoulders with gentle firm pressure, each side. For last pull, use slow light motions, holding occiput with firm finger pressure, apply warm lotion with opposite hand, in a pouring motion down top of spine to sacrum. Begin massaging.

(Warmth makes nerves calm and relaxed. Cold or hot, shocks the sensors to tense up)

Apply more lotion/oil over entire back surface with slow firm palm finger strokes. Gently, firmly move to one side. Using firm strokes, slowly push pressure out from palm. Hold palm and fingers while you use slow firm knuckle strokes down forearm to elbow. Gently pick up and pull arm out to hang on side of table. Some people will lose circulation quickly, so check hands aren’t turning purple.

Close section with warm folded towel. Warn client of heat by asking, “Take a niiiice deeeeep breath.” Gently, slowly sweep double folded half size towel from neck to low back and back up. Rest towel on neck and squeeze both upper shoulder muscles as client exhales. Position yourself at crown of their head and pull one end of towel to opposite end bottom of back. Push towel across each side of hips, slightly guiding spine to move, loosening muscles and bones. Squeeze shoulders again. Leave warm towel on neck for a few minutes. Adjust blanket and sheet to cover back avoiding wet towel. Move to side of table. Compress glutes over blanket about a minute each side. Apply strokes to back as you walk around table. Gently remove towel from shoulders. Being careful of damp neck exposure, tuck sheet around neck leaving blanket back. Apply rice bag warmer to area of back receiver needs it most. Replace blanket tucked around neck to hold in warmth.

Dim lights. Move to leg work.

Back of Legs: Gently, quickly and precisely fold & tuck. Apply lotion/oil to entire leg up to glute. Working firmly upon hamstrings up glutes and IT Bands. Use holds, squeezes, strokes and sweeping motions throughout leg and under to knee. Work feet gently but firm, repeat other side. Use fingers, knuckles, palms, elbows based upon requests. Work other leg.

Prep for flip: Clean hands with hand sanitizer, remove rice bag warmer, tuck neck. Walk to feet. Tuck and begin firm fingertip tapotement from bottom of foot along sciatic nerve line, out through palms of hands. Back up across shoulders to other side. Down arm and back down to bottom of opposite foot. Break touch.

Return to head of table. Lift blanket slightly holding sheet down to neck. Begin over sheet back scratching from lumbar back to each side of neck into gentle scalp scratch. Replace blanket and apply light single handed low back sacrum hold on spine, pushing palm up with firm easy pressure. Hold for a count of 5.

Take a deep breath.

Step to side for receiver’s privacy during flip. Lift sheet and blanket from shoulders. Holding edges and with firm gentle voice ask client “alright now let’s slowly turn you over, then scootch down towards your feet and I’ll fix your knee pillow for you.” Replace and tuck under chin and around shoulders. Fix knee pillow. Return to head of table and gently sit on stool. Remove face rest and take pillow cover off. Fold it into small neck pillow, grab hot towel. Fold it for small neck pillow, place on top of pillow cover and gently lift receivers head to place under neck. Holding warm towel do a gentle neck pull. Replace blanket around shoulders.

Face Massage 1-3 mins: Bring hands to forehead and follow with firm fingers pinching jaw line around face to chin, pulling each side into ears. Massage finger tips into jaw. Pull gently at top of forehead. Strong strokes back down to top of chin by mouth. Apply pressure with tips of thumbs to laughter lines area pulling around cheek bones. Applying pointer fingers to middle of nose and pull all together to scalp. Lift thumbs and push in. Half second holds. Pull pointer finger tips into scalp at top of head. Bring sides of thumbs back together and pull from middle forehead to temples. Place index finger tips at inner edge of eyebrows and apply gentle tapotement strokes with gentle firm fingertip pressure. Creating vibration tapping around eyebrows and nose back to middle of eye brows. Stop and hold fingertip pressure then squeeze together with thumbs pulling eye brow bones out to temple area. Massage temples. Slow take hands away and say “eye pillow” as you slowly place eye pillow just above nose.

Scalp, neck and chest: Begin scalp massage at top of forehead, working down to earlobes. Squeezing fingers around ears with gentle pressure, all the way down entire scalp. Fold blanket and sheet down to chest and tuck under sides of shoulders. Apply lotion to front and back of your hands and begin firm compression at chest clavicle. Use gentle pushing pulling strokes. Apply gentle knuckle pressure to top of shoulders, pulling out through occiput and back into neck and clavicles. Massage both sides of neck. Close with a gentle hold and pull pressure at occiputs. Remain in contact.

Arms and hands: Fold blanket and sheet over arm, held down as you reach under and grab hand to bring to top. Gently pull arm from under blanket. Work at your own pace. Slow gentle strokes. Squeeze and pull each finger all the way out of finger nails. Massage palms. Repeat other side. Wipe each arm as you leave the side. Keep receiver warm and tucked. Be mindful of not choking the neck area.

Front Legs: Depending on initial requests made for focus areas and time remaining. Massage each leg or do compressions over blanket. Apply oil/lotion to your hands and start at ankles up to knees, into quads. Pulling down with firm pressure and gentle knuckle strokes. Massage feet, pinch toes and hold for a second. Close. Wipe down with warm towel and then pull and hold energy into big toes.

The massage is complete so walk to the side gently touching their shoulder, to let them know you’re standing on their side. Ask them to take a deep breath as you remove the eye pillow. Pull energy from diaphragm, and top of head through hair, then wipe side of your thumb at mid-forehead eye brow area. Brush air by waving both hands over face and torso three to four times. Hold side of arm firmly, quietly saying, “And were all complete.”

Smile at client. Gently scratching head, lower bed as you ask if they’d like “cold or room temp water.” Let them know you will have it waiting for them when they step out. I’ve experienced a few times my receiver was so relaxed and ‘out of it’, they didn’t realize they were supposed to get up, get dressed and step out.

The close of your session is not the end of the massage. The closing interaction and what you say as receiver leaves is very important. I always send my clients off with a guarantee. I say, “And you’re going to have a fantastic week OR Tomorrow you’re gonna feel brand new.” Or “Ready to take on the World”.

They usually say “Thank you” and I say, “Have a great one, take care bye bye.”

Become the master of thine own gift. “The Masseuse,” in your own right. Together we’re here to banish pain or confusion. No matter where its origins.

Be well and know that positivity is here with you, and I’m here with you, because I’m engaging with you through my words, and you are engaging with me by reading them. May you feel amazing fulfillment right now as I write this, in this very moment. We’re all becoming complete.


Chapter: Ideas

Inventors Ring –

Practical Application for daily use and Mass distribution. This ring will be convenient for writers, students and anyone who might need to record sound or draw anything at the touch of a button located on the ring on their finger. Computer load compatibility.

Laser push button for mid-air sketching. (Micro machined inertial sensors)

A record button for sound recording. (With noise analysis and characterization)

External data transfer plug – universal.

Buttons must be tapped three consecutive times for purposeful use.

One buttons has an emergency code which will ring out a distinct siren type sound when activated.

Micro Laser (Accelerometer chip) will be convenient for recording the hand writing mid-air.

Photo tonic Crystal Nano cavity, Silicon Microchip Acceleronimitor

(Insert picture 1 = hand with ring, Picture = 2 ring on its own)

Massage Table –

World’s smallest massage table is both convertible and light weight to perform body work very low to the ground. Made from very firm foam, alike to the material inside of automobile car seats. It will unfold from four pieces, have a built in air suction machine for convenience and expand upon opening. Has a very small carry case. The legs are convertible to one, two or three feet tall. Convenient for people who need deeper work or work given while sitting on a chair. Also for the practicing masseuse in a wheelchair.

(Insert pictures:

3 – Full table with legs pulled out

4 - Close up of material

5 - Suction machine, built in carry case on bottom of table)

Massage Hands -

With a set of standardized sized silicone molded hands that are attached through the inside the hand to tips of finger, the machine warms sensors in the hands as it massages in differing speeds and movement selections of techniques for different massages needed. Massages the neck, upper shoulders or low back. The hands will be affordable. Unlike a massage chair which sells for about $5000 or more, this product will be available for everyone. It should sell for less than $100.

Oil Warming Holster –

A battery compartment will be attached to the bottom of the oil carrying bag section of the holster. The entire bag will be lined with small metal pieces so as to warm the entire bottle and not just the bottom. The belt of the holster will be stronger and more durable than the common ones of today. It will also have a small but widened area on the back of the belt that can be set to warm the wearers back. That part can be detached if wanted but it all connects to the same battery compartment which can be charged or used with removable batteries.

Electronic Intake Forms Pad –

A clear dry erase board with intake questions that ‘auto populate’ onto screen controlled by a computer. Can switch pages with selections of “back or next.” No need to transfer info. Can sell tech to anyone who requires client information’s and signatures of agreements. The entirety of the forms can be printed as well. The fund received will go directly to pay for the freely provided MSP memberships and charities associated to MSP.

“Face Rest Peace” ‘piece’

Most people experience nasal clogging from the face down position of a massage, and most of the time spent during a massage session is face down, so God’s given this idea for a face rest holder piece which can be attached to any old face rest holder. A small square like shape, made with a strong cush