Carolina G. Is The Masseuse Party 2-A

Updated: Mar 18

- Carolina G.-


The Masseuse

Part 2


Caroline Garcia


Hey! Thanks so much for reading part 1 of this two part series, where I told you about my life and how I found my purpose.

With this part, I hope to convey a clear vision of solutions in regards to some pretty serious and necessary social results. I believe we can help make things wonderful. And by “Wonderful” I mean, to have a home free of fear from not having food or the basic necessities of living. As well as free from abusers. A physical home as well as a mental home.

When I told you how I had to learn about myself in order to face the world around me with a peaceful mind, I hope it made you also aware of the power you too poses over your mind. Now that I’m ready to believe in myself enough to believe I can communicate a truly necessary process of separation and correction; because it is unloving to simply abandon another. I have learned that we must care enough to make an effort to help abusers see themselves and their hurtful actions.

So, step one is looking at ourselves. Step two, believing in our ability to do what needs to be done. I believe we are being systematically abused in various social ways and in order to truthfully and fully observe and identify whom our abuser is, we MUST learn to be better. Evolve. I believe “perfection” of anything. Which isn’t possible if one doesn’t truly believe perfection is possible let alone an existent level to achievement. We can and must become wiser. And the wisest one (perfect one) resides within us all at all times. Accessible to anyone… at any time.

It’s been a crazy type journey in this life. Seems the more I observe our surroundings, the more I see how I can help make things better for those in need. Having a purpose in life motivates me! Pushes me to do better at staying focused on the focus of utilizing and sacrificing my best work each day in all ways. Even during relaxation and vacation time. The best work to do is creating positive spaces within ourselves at all times. Because the high likelihood of it turning out to be the best feel good work to be tired from doing, is imperative.

In this book, we’re taking it to the next level. It all stems deeply in association with why I began writing “a book” in the first place. Why I plunged myself into the dark ledge of speaking the truth about some pretty embarrassing and private events and situations in regards to how I was raised and decisions I’ve made with my life. I’ll tell you now, to “work” is worth your life. It’s a “self-therapy.” A beautiful flower living where it is. The flower lived for itself until it was chosen to live for another and then depart. The departing would have happened regardless of being picked or not. So the point of the choice is in perspective and understanding surroundings, behaviors and choices. It’s all in how you see things.

The point of writing this book is to express a process of picking oneself up and learning to walk again. Learning to have love for ourselves and others. To give us each an ability to walk with more peace of mind and a solid life lived with a joyful purpose for positive and unselfish desires. Understanding and accepting not all are able, nor will choose to be unselfish and the point is to love one another regardless of being loved back. To live as a flourishing individual within each and every one of our communities.

I’ve laid out plans on how to heal some of the most abused people in our existence and how we can help their abusers at the same time as stopping the abuse because the best way to stop an abuser isn’t to kill them but to heal them from the initial reason they’ve become abusive towards another in the first place. Which generally happens after someone abused them and they are now abusing themselves along with others.

Remember, being separated for “correction” doesn’t need to be another form of abusing someone for “what they’ve done”. Because as we know, if hurting others is pleasing to you, then ‘not hurting others’ hurts you. So if not hurting others is painful, and being a good servant to yourself means you’d need to hurt another, this means you’ve become tied and bound to an upside down mind and you are slowly but surely hurting your very own spirit. Trapped, smothering internally. Truly believing life is lived for the goal of “getting” and not giving, is a very slow internal death indeed. This is the difference between a heart of service and a heart not of service. Yes, it is in fact one or the other in this case.

So I thank you again for existing. Let’s get to work.


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Don’t Tremble

Don’t wince

Don’t laugh

When we fret for pence

Don’t be a category five

Or a Category seven

Cause we’re nothing till alive

And we’re something more than driven

We’re a passenger being driven

Or a driver of the Flames

Oh we’re burning

On our own

We can burn our very home


They gotta know we gotta drift and sift

Sifting through the rubble of our hearts

Once the category ten nuclear bomb has detonated

Only happily we lose

Our minds they cannot see

But who looks more and more


Crazy for feeling so

Feeling, something only those who can feel, will ever know

So be thankful for the ability some can never grow

But still bound to love

Crazy is as crazy does

Crazy Love

Chapter: All in Thoughtfulness

Once I finally believed in my massage abilities, I continued to search for a possible home for my wilting willow tree to be planted. Though the leaves were drooping and the green had seemingly left. I held on to the dream, the goal, and the dwindling ambition. My searches proved to not be fruitless. I found a newly forming establishment. After spending seven months at home with my new baby, I was able to go back to work with a newly evolved frame of mind. I learned how to truly form bonds with clients and formulated the mastery of my massage formula.

I looked back and remembered all the people I gave less than exemplary massage work to and had to find forgiveness in myself for not doing my very best work. For not being my truest self. The way I understand it is just as I was so interested and passionate about helping people by healing their aching bodies via massage, I’d better be ready to stay strong by understanding my mind is mine to enslave. And I must use it to serve others as well. Even when I’m exhausted or working through pain of an acceptable level. I demand and command and push this body to render dedicated work filled with real love. Even if I think someone is looking to disrespect my work or become generally unprofessional somehow. I do not have to be unkind.

Because Love starts from within.