Interview Process

We will set up your phone call day and time, via text message or email.  Phone call shouldn't take any longer than 5 minutes but if you have questions or concerns that push our time the out, I'm flexible.


Please be ready to provide a sheet set for each session, and an extra set if you will have additional guests for me to work on at your session location.


If you're an out of town visitor, for safety preciautions I will ask for a picture of your ID or some form of identification.

I provide music, warmed table, complimentary essential oil choices, hot towels for each session, your choice of oil or lotion or combination and a blanket.  

If I feel uncomfortable, I will inform you immediately and cancel any sessions.



If I know you personally or have worked on you as a client in the past, you do not need to go through the entire phone interview process.  Text and phone calls are fine, just remind me of where we met and how I may remember you.  


Super happy to be of service to you again my friend. :)