Satin Sheets ~ (10)

Chinese Heating Stone ~ (15)

Movement Cups ~ (20)

Hot ~ Cold ~ Jade ~ Marble or Rose Quartz Stones ~ (25)


Sugar \ Salt Scrubs ~

Foot or Hand ~ (25)

Body ~ (65)


Seaweed \ Mud Wrap

Sectional ~ (45)

Body ~ (70)


Halo Shine ~ (40)

Relax and enjoy warmed coconut or olive oil poured onto your scalp, massaged in thoroughly (leave in overnight). Includes a shower cap to keep. 

Mitten Buff ~ (45)

Choose exfoliant scrub scent. Warm your hands in electric warming gloves before and after massage. Loosen tension in the joints, and your hands are ready to love gain. 

Heavens Feet ~ (65)

Lay your head back, sit comfortably on your lazy boy or couch. Enjoy pleasant scents from a warm soft water shiatsu foot massage spa. Choose from a variety of wonderfuly scented scrubs for hands and feet while being pampered.

(includes 15 minute hand massage)



Your table pad is warmed fleece as you lay between comfy cotton or satin sheets. Choose your favorite esseetial oils. You'll love the warm towel wipe down.


Call and order a gift session and we'll pay not forward with a free Enhancement (up to $20) for you or them.

Available for weekly or monthly office or home visits (we travel to you). Bookings for events and engagements always welcome.

Homemade Remedies