The goal of this ministry is alike to nothing that has ever been endeavored to before. I know The Lord wants us to have life more abundantly and this is the goal of My Spa Paradise Ministry.  To build a Ministry, to not only have fellowship but receive real and true healing.  To feel welcomed, wanted and appreciated and we can't do that alone, but with God all things are possible.  So let's get started. Let's make this happen!  It starts with you and me.

I've laid out the entire plan in "Carolina G. Is The Masseuse Part 2" located in 'The Way of The Masseuse' tab in blog form.  This is a book I've worked on for 6+ years to bring the vision my savior gave to me to share with you and trust me, I wasn't always someone who would say things like "My Savior or The Lord".  I was once addicted to drugs, porn, abusive relationships, self hatred, self focus and denied all of it.  But I'm here to tell ya.  He saved me from it all and I know for a fact he can save anyone from all sin.  Because sin is abuse and this is why I spend my time investing in this Ministry. Molding and building as I go along.  I have a desire to make people feel welcome, cared for and loved. To heal and bring about lasting change into the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters.  If you're alive and breathing, you are my brother or sister.  No matter what you have done or are doing.  Trust.  You can be pulled out.  You can be renewed, regarded and rejoiced in.  He wants to rejoice in all of us. 


Everything I do here is from my own pocket because I know it's true that we all have one "purse".  One father.  One Love.  Even Bob Marley knew it. Haha


So, thank you for coming here to see what we are doing.  It's a growing effort and I hope you can take something lasting from here.  


Sometimes just reading and hearing the truth can alter you. So don't be afraid to let me tell you what I've been through.  I'm not a professional writer and I barely graduated 8th grade, I've found a way as you will see.


My most recent goal is to be able to afford to print my book and include it in the care packages.  But until then, it is absolutely free here and always will be.  Visit "End Self Murder" Tab for the current mission goal.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  


John 1:29 Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

Welcome brothers and sisters!  You've come to a place devoted unto the work of service to others. I'm Carolina Grace and my work and talents as of current just happen to lay in the Spa Industry along with creativity of items sold in this online store. We who have recognized the need to work for God and devote our attentions to understanding his purpose for our lives are few but mighty.

God gave a vision for an amazing place to serve the needs of people for improved mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being and growth.  So here I am!  Excited!

Please feel free to browse around and check out some free music, communications or social links. 

I've been handing out gifts to the homeless in hopes to encourage their knowledge that God loves them through me.  So if you're here because you got a gift, Super Awesome!! And thank you for accepting the gift God inspired me to make and give to you! 


Let it ready you for more amazing gifts he has waiting for you.  :) 

Services Offered:

-  Church Services (times and service locations varies)
- Talk Therapy (single & couples)
- Online Communications (you tube - Bitchute - instagram)

- Philosophy (Book written on The Way of The Masseuse Tab)

- Hand Made items (shop tab)

- Professional Massage Therapy (Licensed & Certified in CA)

- Acrylic & Poly Gel Nails (amateur)

- Lyricist/producer (original music)

- Visionary

Reach Out!  If you have a need to talk to someone, I will respond to you.  Never feel alone! God is in me and you. I'm here with you.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!