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Goals for Bringing

'My Spa Paradise'

to fruition

With an ever expanding vision, I am happy to invest my time, money and prayers into trusting what's God's will, is what will happen.  I've started a donations campaign and all proceeds will be used to make all the below goals happen.  I'm excited to create a community of people to share with.  The Lord has gifted me many gifts and it is my mission to share those with each and everyone.  

I wrote and produced all my own music, taught myself how to perform and market myself as well.  I also have a goal to reach out to communities to bring together local artists by putting together donation shows with local store owners for a community promotions show.  Showcasing local artists on the My Spa Paradise stage. 


Our church is one that meets in various places. It has no residence and is not a 501.3 c and does not intend on including anyone in our affairs as God is our only authority.  These are the common law principles we are building upon and ideals we share.


Thank you ever so kindly for donating to our ministry and the vision.  We maintain our anti-Robin Hood philosophy of SERVING the rich, to give to the poor.  And THAT'S what makes us different, unique and excited to spread the Love. 


Goal #1 - Traveling Mini Spa

@ $40,000  For a brand new Motor Home


On un-specified days of the week, we will set up a free "clean up" station for the homeless where they can come take showers in the RV. We'll have racks of donated clothes to choose from, Donation bags with a bar of soap and other amenities, a hot meal to eat and live music playing. Our volunteers will clean up the showers after each use. 


On other days of the week we will use the RV to do door to door Day spa services to pay for the needs and supplies of the Ministry.  Envision our mini spa pulling up to your driveway, or meeting up for a beach side Spa Day. The back room will be a lounge room for any guests, children or significant others you may wish to be present.  They'll have full access to a TV, snacks, drinks and comfort above all. And the best part, you get to simply throw on your comfy robe and walk back into your home to relax, after receiving your much needed services.

At Work on the Farm

Goal # 2 - Acquire Land 

By Land Patent (Allodial title) Only.  @ $20,000 Depending on pricing per acre and area

This will be the foundation of goal #3.  

Outdoor Spa

Goal #3 - My Spa Paradise

@ Location Unknown


The laid out and extensive plans for this goal are written within Part 2 of "Carolina G. Is The Masseuse" book located in 'The way of the masseuse' tab.  With this goal we can help abused children, heal homelessness and serve our guests.  

Thank you for being apart of this vision!  


SO much love to you!   :)

Mini Goals:

#1. Stay in prayer

#2. Stay strong

#3. Stay focused

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