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Massage Salts

Business Type:            A Private/Vocational School of Massage Refinement


Short Pitch:                 “The Way of The Masseuse” is an non-accredited Massage School offering training and certification of a specific massage technique and formula called The Master Formula, available to the public as well as licensed practicing Massage Therapists.  This certification program will prepare you to either perform your work in private or to work in a spa environment. 


Massage School attendance begins @ $15,000 for a minimal requirement of 500 hours of schooling to receive a Certificate through the “California Massage Therapy Council, a private nonprofit corporation issuing voluntary certifications.”  Most schools do not focus on detail of execution or how to manage stamina for maximal energy, nor personal health up-keep for quality management.  Neither do they teach any specific formula.   Their focus is on anatomy, contraindications, and S.O.A.P notes.


The Book: “The Way of The Masseuse” is a book about work ethic, perseverance, and the means of finding your true-self to pinpoint one’s truest life purpose.  It iterates the importance of learning self-accounting, initiating, and refining oneself with the intention of serving others with your best work.  The Masseuse is an accessible level of skill within each of us.  Applicable to all fields of work, careers, or jobs.  This book applies to students and non-students.  Anyone can master this practice.  It is the only required text for receipt of the certificate.


The Way of  The Masseuse

Massage Refinement School


Certification Program

Tuition Guidelines


House Call Individual Private Lessons:


Tier 1:  Foundational Certified         (3 Hours)                               $ __250___


Tier 2:  Exceptional Certified            (4 Hours)                             $ __375___


Tier 3:  Expert Certified                         (5 Hours)                             $ __500___

(can be split into two days of separate sessions)


Master Classes:


Add-On’s:                                      (1 hour & 30 mins)      $ __150___


Maternity Massage:                      (1 hour & 10 mins)      $ __100___


Chair Massage:                             (1 hour)                       $ __100___


Hot Stones:                                   (1 hour & 30 mins)      $ __100___


House Call Private Group Lessons:


Tier 1:  Certified         (3 hours)                      $ __200_per student__


Tier 2:  Exceptional    (4 hours)                      $ __325_per student__


Tier 3:  Expert            (5 hours)                            $ __450__per student_

(can be split into two days of separate sessions)


Master Classes by Group:


Add-On’s:                    2 hours & 30 mins      $ __100__per student_


Maternity Massage:

2 hours                        $ __75__per student_


Hot Stones:                 (1 hour & 30 mins)      $ __100_per student__

(Phase 2: Storefront School)

The Way

Anyone can give a massage, and anyone can even give a "good massage" but not everyone can be The Masseuse.  Top notch service is the main focus for the work of a masseuse.  Mindfulness and maintaining a desire to deliver excellence in every interaction.  Whenever you think of getting a massage by someone who practices The Way of The Masseuse, envision exceptional precision while being pampered.

"The Master Formula" is a professionally crafted process created by one who believes in the balancing of external healing as well as internal healing, in order to administer complete rejuvenation for each and every client every single time they experience a massage session.  Attention to detail has no price tag.

"The Way of The Masseuse" is passion, compassion and excellence in communications.

A proper massage session will leave you feeling peace and heavenly enjoyment. Not uncomfortable pain or blandness by a tired individual.  Clients of The Way will immediately see the difference in how they are treated and cared for from the moment they meet their Masseuse.  We look forward to serving you, because you deserve quality and excellence.  


You're worth it!

Outdoor Spa



To work in the field of service and live life with a purpose and intention of healing people. THIS is my purpose.  A purpose given from God himself, I devote my work to those whom are in need.  

My vision comes from direction guidance internal and is only clearly stated.  It's up to us to give what we're given to give.

We're all just souls on a planet within a world limited by a time called reality.  My soul yearns to heal other souls through service.  Each of us is a world, a home, a plant to be watered.  In need of care.  My goal is to serve with a joyful heart. Serving elegance is attainable and necessary.

Me and my kind receive joy from living in service to others. Connecting worlds, healing plants.  One soul at a time.

                                                              - Caroline Garcia

                                                                 (Founder and CEO)

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