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"Wow mija, you sing from straight from your heart."

Sitting in the back seat of my tia Lala's (Carla) dark grey hatchback, barely able to see the streets from the window. I was about six years old. Just lettin my pipes flow to a song called 'It Must Have Been Love' by Roxette. My tia looked back at me in amazement and said "Wow mija, you sing straight from your heart." I smiled at her with such a big smile and feeling of joy realizing that just maybe people would like to hear me sing. Tia was my favorite, I remember one day telling her I wanted her to be my mom and she gently corrected me and said I should not say this and that my mom loves me very much.  The days were hard at that time. We were drug to and fro from court to therapy to visits with either mom or dad. And all I wanted was for mom to love me. And I know now that she did but she too had even harder things to face and get through at that time in her life.  Today we have a good relationship and I still enjoy singing from my heart.


But now I focus the purpose of my singing into bringing joy to others. To sharing understandings I've learned and ways to survive when one faces troublesome times or down right terrible times.

I want my life to be a message of ability. My racial heritage is Mexican and I aint no mexi-can't. 


I want to create a place where people can learn to love themselves. A place where people can hone in on becoming better in every way that matters in order to live a quality life.


Hi and thank you for visiting my site. Here I share my goals, dreams and aspirations. And more than that I share encouragement and strength.  Be strong in the Lord, because that's the strength that can lift all chains and unbind all binds. I know this is true from experience. 


When the fake pandemic started I took to my site in a frustration of seeing the hoax being perpetrated upon the entire world.  So below is an account of some of my feelings. I mean I literally stood on Beach blvd with a sign trying to tell people not to be afraid, not to stop hugging people or locking their children up in fear of the flu.  And now here we are 3 years later. And still some people refuse to see what it was that was really perpetrated upon us as a whole.  We must stick together and help one another. In Jesus name.  I pray you too will learn how much he loves each and everyone of us throughout all time and space. Throughout Eternity.

With warmth and affection.


Your sister, Caroline


Re:  Self Doubt

It's been an interesting time in the world for a very long time but on a personal note, I admit I've struggled with self doubt on many occasions thoughout writing the book, pursuing a career in massage, starting a ministry, being a good mother, being without fear and more.  I know I have to focus on what I have to offer and what good I know can come of it but more and more I feel like I need help.  I feel alone at times. Alone in the stance of standing against this giant system of deception and alone in attempting to understand Christ's message beyond the Bible.  I know God is always with me but if I'm honest, I sometimes feel alone in my desire to do more.  And so, I persist through the weighed down anguish of instances and find solace in prayer.  If you too are going through much, know you are not alone.  I'm struggling too.


Re:  Peace comes from God

So excited to be working on a new album called "Scared People Hide!" Working on a song called "Boobs get in the way" at this very moment.  Hope you're all doing well also.  Theirs always something to be thankful for. 

Re: The Book - Part 2
Soooo excited to finally know that both parts of this long journey to share my testimony and vision with you all, is now complete.  It took much focus and I'll openly admit I lost confidence in myself many times but with my dedication to prayer and faith, it is finally here and so yay.  haha. Love ya!!!


Re: Rona
Someone created it..... it's patented..... 
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