Re:  Revelations

I've seen things recently that I just didn't realize were always there. For example, fortune cookies are divinations and make us used to the action of wanting to be told about the future. Which lessens our resolve for trusting Gods' will to guide us. I've also noticed a correlation to the pyramid on American money and felt it shows the people who run this show, are in fact pushing an agenda to bring all people back into the subjection of Egyptian dynasties.  But had never truly thought on it until I was shown what their crowns stood for. And it shocked me!!   I simply hadn't noticed before.  Red = Southern Kingdom, White = Northern Kingdom, Blue = War.   Now you may ask why does this really matter and what it means is that we have been deceived. And as warriors of God's kingdom it is our duty to expose these things.  It astonishes me that when looking up the meanings of the colors used on the American flag and people believe the white stands for innocence!  I'm just like WHAAATTTT?????   Innocence?????  Was that before or after the Trail of Tears.  


Re: A Dream

Today I woke up from a dream of going into a class room to be shown around, because I was going to start working there.  Then I was filling out the application and noticed the name section and wondered why the name I had written on it was Carolina Grace.  

When I thought about it further I realized GOD GAVE ME A NEW NAME!!!  How amazing right!!!   And with my natural desire to share with others, I believe it is his purpose for me to teach his children.  I'm just so thankful in this. What a blessing. :)

Oh Happy Day!!!!!


Re:  Self Doubt

It's been an interesting time in the world for a very long time but on a personal note, I admit I've struggled with self doubt on many occasions thoughout writing the book, pursuing a career in massage, starting a ministry, being a good mother, being without fear and more.  I know I have to focus on what I have to offer and what good I know can come of it but more and more I feel like I need help.  I feel alone at times. Alone in the stance of standing against this giant system of deception and alone in attempting to understand Christ's message beyond the Bible.  I know God is always with me but if I'm honest, I sometimes feel alone in my desire to do more.  And so, I persist through the weighed down anguish of instances and find solace in prayer.  If you too are going through much, know you are not alone.  I'm struggling too.


Re:  Peace comes from God

So excited to be working on a new album called "Scared People Hide!" Working on a song called "Boobs get in the way" at this very moment.  Hope you're all doing well also.  Theirs always something to be thankful for. 

Re: The Book - Part 2
Soooo excited to finally know that both parts of this long journey to share my testimony and vision with you all, is now complete.  It took much focus and I'll openly admit I lost confidence in myself many times but with my dedication to prayer and faith, it is finally here and so yay.  haha. Love ya!!!


Re: Rona
Someone created it..... it's patented.....