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Mary G., CA

“You need to be in Beverly Hills massaging the stars! Oh wow!! You are so amazing at this."

Stephanie Mesa, CA

"Oh my god you are the Queen of massage!"

Jeff K., CA

“I love your attention to detail.”

Massage is something you want an artist to be good at. One can't go to school and study the body for years and suddenly be great at massaging. It's a relationship with the strict shaping of a personal understanding between the performer and themselves. It says "this work is vital to my survival". Because the goal of the performer of this art must first maintain a desire to dedicate all of their existence into the reasoning of what their life purpose derives from. The Performer must have artistry as their talent in itself to begin with. And then suddenly anyone can be a canvass!


But not everyone can be a great performer. 


I've officially been massaging for over 11 years now! My anniversary is in June. I'm so excited because I only knew this amazing work was my calling after such a long wait to find out what kind of work I would do for the rest of my life. And that search lasted about an entire year. I knew I wanted to help people but I just didn't know how or where. And finally after what felt like a decade, I was sitting on a couch patiently trying to not be scared because I didn't wanna go back to unfulfilling office work, battling my brain telling me to feel sad and scared of the future. And at this moment, as I'm battling these negative fears trying to overwhelm my peace, is when I seen the TV commercial that changed my life.


It was a basic massage school commercial and yet it was amazing. Finally! A career where I can be out in the open sun having fun and being my happy self. I could massage here, I could massage there, I could massage anywhere. So, as I sat there watching TV I got a glimpse of what my life purpose applied to reality would look like.  In that very moment when that commercial ended, my mind started racing with memories of massaging people for fun and loving when they expressed how good and relieved my work made them feel.

I called around for a few weeks and found some popular massage schools but after about 3 tours and various sales pitches, it felt like they were all so mechanical, would take way too long to complete and costed way too much. Then I spoke to the actual owner of a private school called The Massage Therapy Institute.  And I really liked this lady even just talking to her she seemed different in many ways. She asked me if I'd visited other schools and I said I had. Her reply was so confident that it made me smile, she literally told me to check out the others but that I'd end up going to her school. And after about two minutes into my tour at her place, it turned out she was right. And I did.


I drove up to Davis CA from Sacramento and it was like driving into paradise. The March air was calm and the sun laid over the streets like a peaceful blanket. I drove past a gorgeous college campus and the trees were moving ever so gently in the cool air. This place was heavenly. The Massage School was exquisite and quaint, small and personal. The cost... only $2,500. My exact savings amount and I felt a sense of rest from the fear of what my future would look like. My intuition felt secure and I accepted this gift as if directly from God.


Every day when I walked to the Co-Op to buy lunch wearing my signature grey knit beanie, life felt on track and my countenance exuded an optimism for a sense that I could conquer the world!

It took alot of learning life lessons to get to that point where I was absolutely ready to receive my life's work. I'd worked in the Corporate Office world for about seven years and until I joyfully laid off. 

I grew up in Long Beach California for the majority of my life. I attended a performing arts school called Mary Butler. I took acting, folklorico, and karate classes. But my heart was always on singing.

"Wow mija, you sing from straight from your heart."

Sitting in the back seat of my tia Lala's (Carla) two door dark grey hatchback, barely able to see the streets from the window it was 1988 and I was about six years old. Just lettin my pipes blow to a song called, 'It Must Have Been Love' by Roxette. My tia looked back back at me in amazement and said "Wow mija, you sing straight from your heart." I smiled at her with such a big smile and a feeling of joy realizing that just maybe people would like to hear me sing. Tia Lala was my favorite lady to hang out with and I remember one day telling her that I wanted her to be my mom. But she gently corrected me saying that my mom loves me very much. The days were hard at that time. Me and my elder sister were drug to and from court or to therapy, or to visits with either mom or dad and all I wanted was for mom to love me. And though I know now that it was very difficult for her to face and get through that time in her own life, I appreciate that her life reflects a surrender to God above all. 


Today I still enjoy singing from my heart. But now I focus the purpose of my singing into bringing joy to others. To share understandings I've learned through my lyrics and ways to survive when one faces troublesome times or down right terrible times.


I want my life to be a message of ability. My racial heritage is Mexican and I aint no mexi-can't but first I am American and my culture is Long Beach. So when you hear me say "Thug it out", it's because I grew up hard and now I work hard to do what I know my purpose demands of me. 

I want to create a place where people can learn to love themselves. A place where people can hone in on becoming better in every way that matters. In order to live a quality life. 


When I share my goals, dreams and aspirations here it's from a place of desiring to do more and share more encouragement and strength than I ever have before.  


So be strong in the Lord, because that's the strength that can lift all chains and unbind all binds. I know this is true from experience. I also know we must stick together and help one another in Jesus name. I pray you too will feel this love through my massage work and communications.

With warmth and affection your Masseuse,


Carolina Grace

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