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Floating Flowers

Growth comes in many ways and forms, however it ALWAYS happens through One process... work.

We are all living in an extraordinary time right now and for many, our minds and hearts are suffering. Suffering from many things I'm sure but mostly I observe, suffering from misunderstanding the truth of what we're all supposed to be doing while we're here.  Which at its core, stems from not knowing what 'here' is, let alone what "we're" supposed to DO while 'here'.  


More than ever, I see people in public looking dazed and confused, waiting and itching to hear the next level of controlled mass behaviors to follow AND STILL... they will not see what's really happening to us all.  This is not an opinion, it's an observation based in facts.  


If you're here on this website to find guidance from God through a sister in Christ, you're in the right place.  


I'm open to sharing what I know because I hope it will help people access the power we all have within.  We're not going to know the power we each possess as one single minded individual gathered by one single minded spirit, until we seek to know Christ whom is the savior of the world.  Whom gives us the power to influence, change, steer and control... ourselves. And if your main response to this, is somewhere along the lines of "Why only Christ?" My response will be. "Not all waters on earth can be still and harmoniously in peace and contentment at the same time, but they all show a step in the process of cleansing Earth's water.

Not all steps in a process consist of work alone but also include rest or observation. Not all are chosen but many are called. Would you ask your mom why she chose to love and devote herself to "only" your father?" 


Controlling others is what causes disharmony.  Notice I did not say "trying to control others". Because in truth, it is in fact happening as we speak.  People are being controlled.  Don't believe me. Look around.  

When I speak to people about the current results of having done what we did in the past, added together with what we can do now, their response to my question is usually, 'Well what can I even do about it, nothing!!". No protesting, fighting, rioting, resisting nor exposing, this evil being perpetrated upon people, will do anything to transform the beast into a prince.  Let alone a kiss. Like the school song says "made a mistake and kissed a snake." Let's not make that mistake. It's really unnecessary.

Some are called to do the work of exposing evil.  Because God's will, be done.  


We must face that we're here in this world and though there are many people with countless stories attesting to how horrible the persecution and unlawful treatment this entire life has been to them. Some have loved ones who fear retaliation from the perceived authority under guise of goodness and protectors, but when you know Christ, you know it's all completed already.  He placed all authority in YOU.  It is done.

What's done against you is done against God. Although for many, fear is what controls their continued participation with an obviously nefarious entity. Fear of persecution for speaking against legalized wrongs, harmonized detainments and lawful executions. Yet it's all in a foreign language (legalese), so how does it all apply to us when in truth we CAN NOT UNDERSTAND it.


History, when looked upon with truth, proves what the entire systems of this world are designed to do, and it's not to 'love us'.


Many countries have foundational stories with indications of wrongs done against people.  Still, life isn't about identifying as an enslaved individual. What is driving people to such low levels of unhappiness, misery and lack of empathy and compassion?  

This place is NOT an illusion.  We really are here and we can all speak to one another and receive responses. But in order to completely understand another view and perspective, we must make the efforts to turn off our own internal dialog, argumentations and desire to explain them, or correct the other with why we believe them to be wrong, dumb or any other form of disagreeable. Why is that important to growth?  Because without communicating with each other via considerable efforts AND with a heart of love, we will block ourselves from being able to believe in those invisible walls called "beliefs".  If you believe you have power. You do. 


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