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The Way of The Masseuse - A

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The Way


The Masseuse

Part 2


“Carolina G. Is The Masseuse


Caroline Garcia


Preface -

My Spa Paradise –

The Masseuse Technique –

Mental Massage –

Internal Healing –

- Dear other Me

MSP Helping Homes –

Ideas –


Hey, welcome back! In part 1 of “Carolina G. Is The Masseuse”, I told you some of my most embarrassing and painful life stories and how I found my life’s purpose and passion in working to help and heal people through massage work. Here in part 2, I hope to convey a clear vision of solutions regarding some serious and necessary social issues as well as provide “The Way of The Masseuse” massage technique and the vision of “My Spa Paradise”. I believe we can help those who are in many different forms of need. From a need for rest and relaxation to a need for basic life necessities such as a home free from the fear of not having enough food. Or a need to feel good about being alive.

When you have a sense of purpose, your saturation of emotions felt during your work hours, which is most of your time spent daily, will be positive. You will become a source of life for anyone around you. This is foundational to the source of why you may choose to serve others and hold that as your purpose. Be good at anything you do because you are the art piece itself and if you want to express yourself through massage, the art of massage can be mastered by you.

So be good to yourself and everything will follow. Maintain a healthy and thriving physical home (body) as well as a mental home (mind), and you will begin to experience more peace and excitement for life.

In book 1 when I told you about how I had to learn to face who I am before I was able to see the world around me with a peaceful mind. I hope it also made you aware of the power you too pose over your mind. Because now that I’m ready to believe in myself enough to believe, I can communicate a truly necessary process of separation from self-harms into a joy of learning how to correct my views. I ‘ve learned I gotta care enough about myself and others before I can try and be a good model of what “loving people”, truly demonstrate just by being alive. They exist in this world by walking in love, first and foremost.

Step one is looking at ourselves in a patient and determined way. Step two, believe in the ability to do what needs to be done to change things. Sometimes believing you even have a “to do” part, which is equivalent to life purpose, is the hurtle to get over. Then you learn why belief is so powerful and how something so simple as getting to know you, frees your entire being and allows you to keep building even amid interruptions. Sometimes we work and build through tears and fears, but truly we’re always building side by side.

Having a purpose in life motivates me! Pushes me to do better at staying focused on the focus of utilizing and sacrificing my best work each day in all ways. The best work to do is creating positive spaces within us and around us. Because the high likelihood of your work turning out to be the best feel-good work to be tired from doing, is imperative. In this book, we’re taking it to the next level. We’re here to get this right short term and long. Inside and out.

I lied a lot as a child so once I began to recognize how much strife those lies would always lead me into, I also learned I’d need to be honest with myself first so that I can learn to tell the truth in general. I have seen how hard it is to be honest at all in most cases, but it didn’t feel hard to serve people, it felt normal. Yet some form of dissatisfaction was present and next I needed to learn to appreciate the joy of doing my work without placing my own desires on how I want people to see me or my work. Because some people don’t know how hard it was to begin telling the truth and to strive to do my best work during each encounter.

So, I decided to write this “book”. It started as a journal entry and writing memories down on a few pieces of paper. When I eventually plunged myself down deep down into the dark ledge of speaking the truth, at least that’s how it felt at the time, I had a profound desire to share this vision of developing a facility that can literally change lives for the better by teaching people to value themselves and others, and how to stop harming themselves and others. And how it all starts with internal understandings and identifying practiced beliefs that may be holding you back from pursuing how to find what you are “meant” to do for your life’s work. And that belief is rooted in the belief that we are all meant to be loved.

I’ll tell you now, to “work” is the very thing that places a sense of worth within any life. It’s a “self-therapy.” Try and look at it like how a beautiful flower goes throughout its short little life. Living where it sprouted out from the soil, growing towards the glorious warm and bright sun calling to it every day. Until someone comes along and pulls this little flower out for use of some sort. The flower lived for itself until it was chosen to live for another and then depart. The departing part would have happened regardless of being picked or not.

Finding your purpose and working within it, can transform this world into an exciting and safe place to be. This ability to choose your views lays in perspectives and understanding our surroundings, behaviors, and choices. It’s all in how we perceive the reason for our existence as well as all existence.

It is my desire to convey growth tools to the readers of this book by being open in sharing this process of learning to walk straight. Learning to have love for ourselves and others. To give us each an ability to stride with more peace of mind and a solid life lived with joyful purpose for positive and unselfish desires. Understanding and accepting that not all people in this world are able, nor will choose to live in service to others. The point is to love one another regardless of being loved back. To live as a flourishing individual within each one of our communities.

With this book I’ve laid out plans on how to heal some of the most in-need people here with us today and how we can help stop confusion and self-deception immediately! How to live a life with a healthy level of focus on identifying one’s self-value. Because so many people have been devalued to the point of not understanding why they matter in any sense at all.

Come along! Let’s learn to truly believe our lives are lived for the goal of giving, sharing and caring. This is the difference between having and maintaining a heart of service and not having a heart of service. Yes, it is in fact one or the other in this case.

I thank you for existing, and I know firsthand how this place can be scary. But you got this. Let’s get to work!

Don’t Tremble

Don’t wince!

Don’t laugh.

When we fret for pence

Don’t be a category five.

Or a Category seven

Cause we’re nothing till alive.

And we’re something more than driven

We’re a passenger being driven

Or a driver of the Flames

Oh we’re burning

On our own

We can burn our very home


They gotta know we gotta drift and sift

Sifting through the rubble of our hearts

Once the category ten nuclear bomb has detonated

Only happily we lose

Our minds they cannot see

But who looks more and more


Crazy for feeling so

Feeling, something only those who can feel, will ever know

So be thankful for the ability some can never grow

But still bound to love

Crazy is as crazy does

Crazy Love

My Spa Paradise

My Spa Paradise isn’t just a paradise for visitors, it’s an elegantly designed facility with the utmost consideration for its workers too! Envision, walking into THE most gorgeous Spa complete with beautiful gardens, waterfalls, indoor swimming pools and beaches. The first of its kind in the World! Then finding out that it’s also designed to simultaneously aid the entire community through funds generated from its ‘Rejuvenation Center’ type services, as well as producing 100% organically grown food through our “MSP helping homes”. The employees are all filled with joy and some extremely foreign excitement to serve you.

This place is welcoming as well as accommodating. You can receive services knowing your fees help others to have better lives through our homestead community of tiny homes maintained by members of the community. This facility offers not only physical relaxation and Spa services for guests but a complete physical, emotional and mind clearing experience, whose generated funds go right back into its core purpose which is to serve and provide for those in need. Making it a self-sustaining machine that runs itself, pays itself and helps support many people. Designed like an immensely huge bathhouse, our for public-Benefit Corporation is a fully equipped and functioning Service Spa.

But being a self-sustaining Spa isn’t the only revolutionary part of this concept. This facility is a place to not only experience Spa style bliss but offers the option to leave with a better view of yourself and your place in this world via classes, workshops, and activities. ‘Renewal’ is our goal and helping people in the process is the icing on this cake.

Most of the funds derived from ‘MSP Helping Homes Food Production’, comes from selling our produce to local restaurants and through farmer stands. Our harvest is in such abundance we have a plentiful amount enough for the guests at My Spa Paradise to enjoy complimentary fruit or veggie juices and appetizers. We also make and sell our own nature-based beauty products and house-hold cleaning products. With humility, I ask you to see our design as being molded upon the exemplary lifestyle of how loving people love to serve and how self-sufficient ways can provide unknown sources of fulfilling one’s life purpose in every way possible. A way of life built upon hard work and rewards.

The cost for many of the communal based services at My Spa Paradise, are not firm in price and range by either a pay plan, sliding scale or for free. We do not require clients to pay “tips” nor carry around any belongings with them. We hone your focus onto the benefits, services, and improvements without making money or tech costs, a major part of it all.

We highly value the best of service quality and are constantly working to build trust in one’s ability to draw strength from within. We believe self-care is necessary to live a healthy life and be able to do a good and purposeful life’s work. We also believe not caring for one’s body is equivalent to concealed, slow suicide. Which is why we have chosen to devote our life’s work to helping people. We believe the internal state of a person reflects in their external responses, habits, and choices. So, we work to help others get themselves in alignment with a balance of self-improvement services and fulfillment via much needed Spa services and relaxation techniques. Sending you back into your day-to-day life ready to conquer. Aiding in your journey to a joy for living life.

Our entire facility is calculated to engage the mind, body, and spirit for both client and employee alike. To bring about a space of breathing deep breaths and exhaling with relief for having finally received peace and relaxation just by being there. This facility motivates and inspires good things for everyone involved. When a client visits our facility, they’ll be ever engaged by employees who are exceptionally aware, loving, caring and maintain selfless intentions with having chosen a work in service to others. Each MSP employee is eager to help others feel better and experience wonderful rejuvenation.

This working machine literally makes the world a better place.

Our Spa World type venue wins popularity and love for being affordable yet elegant, tasteful, and fun. Maintaining an ability to give people the tools necessary to work themselves into a healthier lifestyle on all levels of existence just by being there. Everyone is going to want to be employed by and visit this place often, not only because our sliding scale gives those who do not have much, an opportunity to receive much needed services, but to learn more about yourself. We believe self-care is not a “luxury” but instead, a health necessity.

Our employees are cared for and greatly valued. Specific positions at MSP are highly sought after and limited to a bootcamp style training with a vigorous physical examination of endurance and knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle with grace. However, every position at MSP requires each employee to complete the self-knowledge workshops.

We offer:

1. Competitive pay

2. Opportunity to help the community

3. A way to make health care affordable

We contract with licensed physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, mental health therapists, physical therapists as well as hair, nails, make-over teams, and activities directors. Our employees have a maximum allowance of daily hands-on massages to perform so that they may maintain a maximal level of excellence for each client. However, each employee is allowed to choose other areas of work at the Spa to complete a desired shift schedule. Such as working two hours in the garden, two as an intake specialist and four administering massages. Choosing from the type of massages to be given per shift and in which massage area. Maintaining our Masseurs is priority to maintaining the level of quality they can administer every day.

Our make-over show is held every Thursday – Sunday night at 7pm. Family members and friends attend for free. Envision a seventeen-year-old girl who is so thankful for her father that she decides to save up and buy him a “Full Make-over Day” package which includes a massage, facial, hair-cut manicure, personal stylist session all while enjoying complementary beverages and appetizers. Dad is going to have an amazing time!

At MSP our attention is placed in quality of service and fulfillment of life purpose for employee and visitor alike. We believe clear communications allows for ample preparation and maximal satisfaction; therefore, an in-depth communications course is required of each MSP employee.

Each massage worker is certified in our 3-tier certificate course called “The Way of The Masseuse”. This requirement helps us to maintain our brand quality and responsibility to the public. Being that “The Way of The Masseuse” maintains goals to serve rather than being served.

We have three separate Massage Work areas that allow for a competitive base of affordability for everyone including our Massage Administrators.

Rates based upon Tiers:

Tier 1 -

Foundational Certified

Large curtained off area - Clothing on - table massage (CAMTC certified - clients must sign waiver)

Tier 2 -

Exceptional Certified (1-3 years Certified)

Large Room - hands on Chair Massage, curtained off electric massage chair area (Tier 3 +)

Tier 3 -

Expert Certified (3 years + as either CAMTC Certified, or MSP Certified)

Private Massage Rooms - 5 years of experience + Tiers 1 & 2

Upon each visit, one can choose a single service or service plan with extended amounts of visits. As sometimes our guests may have a rejuvenation Plan which requires one to receive multiple Spa services coupled with talk therapy or workshops on a daily, weekly, or monthly bases. Group rates are also available.

We offer a uniquely detailed optional massage specified preference questionnaire:

Massage Styles:


Deep Tissue



Pace preference:

Peak energy (fast, rigorous)

Low impact (slow, gentle)

Combination high or low strength

Holds (areas focused upon, minimal movement)

Special Attention to or avoid:

Upper Back | Lower Back

Sciatic area | Glutes

Hands | Feet | Legs

Shoulder’s | Face | Neck | Jaw | Scalp

Stomach | Arms | Elbows

Client can choose from any reasonable combinations to use in a minimum 50-minute massage.

At My Spa Paradise, our ‘meet and greet teams’ consist of extra ordinarily joyous and welcoming individuals who love their job and the work they do and are happy to live in service to others. Evident in their demeanor and approach, our employees work as a single unit in making Executive decisions because ALL our employees benefit from the facility as well. Together our employees compete against themselves in teams, for extra prizes quarterly and yearly. Each revolving team competes with one another to obtain “stars” from guests. These “stars,” which are little digital notes delivered from guests after each service or interaction, help win prizes at the monthly and yearly company parties. Which include exciting monthly drawings for free treatments and various prizes.

On the community center side of MSP, we offer contests, talent shows, exercise classes, dance classes, conferences, and insight workshops. Both clients and employees have our Spa and its activities on their minds all day, instead of things that can cause distraction and repression of necessary talents to be utilized in the world to grow love all around wherever and whenever.

Our think tank team impacts the community through various programs. Starting with our homelessness reform program called “MSP Helping Homes”. In it, our team of well-trained individuals go out and give away our “booster packs,” filled with all nature-based living essentials such as self-care and hygiene products (made by employees of the Spa), preserved food, can openers, and a pamphlet for the “MSP Helping Homes” plans, which we summarize below.

A large part of the immense property is reserved for our tiny home’s community of people and families who enjoy the self-care opportunities given through working the land as their communal employment. MSP homesteaders are trained and certified in each area of their work. All homes are occupied voluntarily and are overseen by a Community Leader and Sanctuary Supervisor.

Our “Sliding scale payment plan Price calculator,” is available on the website to determine different fees for entry, services, membership and self-betterment classes and workshops. Prices are lower for those with less income; however, we maintain a top-notch process to filter out people who are not truly in need. It is literally a greedy actions filter. So, if someone tries to get services for cheaper, just because they’re greedy and don’t want to pay full price, they’ll be banned until a process is fulfilled. Less income equals less cost. An agreed upon specific varying percentage of business funds are donated to various local community organizations, depending on the needs of “MSP Helping homes”. Meaning, once the MSP centers are secure, we can start making outside donations to help those with no part of MSP but verifiably helping others in need.

MSP Business Hours:

Monday – Wednesday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Thursday - Saturday 6 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Sunday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

My Spa Paradise Designs (main building):

Envision stepping into an air blown entry way. Take a deep breath of the pleasant aromas all around in every direction. Off to the right is the ‘check in station’ where you can leave your belongings in an assigned locker for day visitors, or you can become a member and acquire a “member’s case”. Which is a small plastic suitcase to keep your belongings, robes, sandals, swimsuits etc. The case is hung on a revolving motorized carrier, like the way clothes are hung at a dry cleaner. Items needing to be washed periodically are monitored by the computer systems “number of times used - flag” which rings a reminder to the client that they need to flip the laundry service switch on their member case sending it down to the laundry room for washing. The switch can be flipped at any time.

To the left are the ‘Intake Specialists’ booths. Some are single walled cubicles; others are soundproof office booths. The sound proofed rooms are for comfortability of those who may be in greater sorrows or dire need and require privacy. All intake forms are recorded and managed on our ‘electronic pad’ with a liability release form signed for responsibility. Which must be completed before entry into the facility.

Each intake appointment can be short or long depending on recipient’s needs. Nobody will make you feel pushed or pressured to take any workshops and or try to hurry you along. Our workers are not overwhelmed nor are they “salespeople”. We work to perfect a system that eliminates mundaneness in positions high in demand of patience thereby rendering specialists capable of creating a calm and welcoming environment.

Once our ‘meet and greet team’ asks some very basic questions to guide you to your proper ‘intake specialist’, forms are complete, and you’re ready to enter the Spa. You’ll meet your group “Tour Guide”. While the groups are being formed, you’ll be guided over to the very comfortable waiting area which has large couches, TV’s, a complimentary appetizer table (maintained by foods grown at MSP Helping Homes) and many drinks to choose from. The TV’s play short playbacks of guests who volunteered their videos for the public to excite guests for their coming experience and summaries of what the facility offers in packages and single services.

Tours are given in specific ‘time intervals’ with close communication radio earpieces utilized by all tour guides. So, if one group needs a few more minutes to move along, the ones behind it will hold off a bit. If anything happens that takes more than five minutes of a hold up, that attraction will be put on hold and the groups can come back to it later. The goal of having tours in groups as opposed to lines like at Theme Parks, is to eliminate the stresses of waiting in very long lines and for those people who may have fears and phobias associated with being around too many people. We also offer very small group tours to accommodate needs. Specific times of the day are reserved for smaller groups.

After your park guide meets with your group, you’ll be guided to enter two very large sliding doors that only open every 15 minutes for three minutes or less with a (motion detector timer), allowing for less interruptions in the Spa. The doors are very gaudy and spectacular to the eyes, like the entrance to a stunning resort. Stepping into My Spa Paradise is like nothing anyone has ever experienced before.

The Main Spa entry reveals a giant view of our Spanish style entranceway with a perfect view of the indoor waterfall descending from the second floor. Immediately you are surrounded by lush gardens, the sound of relaxing Spa music plays gently in the background. Next to each staircase is a safety cushioned slide for all ages. Amidst the gasps of the guests in your group, you can see many different areas for activities. As you continue walking you see two small indoor beach areas located on both left and right sides of the facility. Each is labeled, “Family OR Communal”. Both are separate and inaccessible by the other.

The immensity of the tall ceilings having some areas projecting beautiful nature scenes or painted murals located from the front of the Main Building to the back, with day and night designs and colors. The first half of the entry way is a beautiful day, the back half a starry night with a glowing moon. The second floor is lined with treatment rooms and glass doors when necessary. Around the corridor are the private massage rooms with an attendant posted in the front.

You may think to yourself, “This feels like walking into another World”, and it’s because you are. As you proceed forward, you’ll see large glowing painted 3 x 3-foot circles on the floor all over various areas of the facility. The letters read, ‘SAP’, which stands for “Strike A Pose.” In these spaces anyone can have their picture taken by a strategically placed electronic camera, while standing on the sensor area for more than three seconds, an automated voice tells the guest to “smile”. Then a gentle digital picture snap sound confirms.

This feature is also designed to be associated with one of our betterment shops called “The Costume Walk.” Where an individual dresses in a costume and walks a ‘glowing foot path’. The timing of some ‘path walks line up with tours, some may specifically not line up due to the walk being more sensitive in nature for many differing psychological goals and processes of use in our classes and workshops.

The secondary building, located in the back of the Spa, is accessible through a hall lined with black lights and immensely spectacular glow in the dark paintings with 3D art details all over the walls.

Facility Activities:

  1. Meditation Gardens

  2. Mini Waterfall and indoor beaches

  3. Two giant slides for both adults and children

  4. Live band in recreation Cafe

  5. 3 glowing pools in night area of Spa

  6. Indoor rock climbing, located in both separate children’s and adult areas

  7. Ancient Mayan style “purification & Renewal Healing” huts

  8. Single sized portable Jacuzzi tubs in private rooms

  9. Rope walks, Zip lining

  10. Small bungie jump zone

  11. Salt/Mud soak huts

  12. Interactive model of the “MSP Helping Homes” structure and design (a miniature self-sufficient holistic lifestyle exhibit)

Entire facility is fragrant with natural enhancers as well as plant and flower life throughout. We offer all Aroma Therapy free of charge for any treatment. Aroma mist sprayers will be in meditation areas. Our form of “aroma therapy,” is given as an actual therapy with time intervals and different scents used on the skin, face and neck throughout a massage or facial session. Client will choose how it’s used during their services. For clients sensitive to scents and aromas, we offer specific days and times when scents are not utilized in common areas.

Childcare is available for all ages or an additional option of ‘bring your nanny’, available for those who would rather bring someone to care for their baby within the facility, while they enjoy their time. Child play areas are separated by plexiglass walls for online parent monitoring, only accessible with access codes.

Certified childcare givers work with children grouped by age:

“The Bassinet room”:

Ages 1 month – 1 year (Gliders rocking chairs, changing stations and TVs for adults)

“Play Place”:

2 – 5 years (Small and large toys, highchairs, slides, water zone, small bike races, golf, bowling, painting, drawing etc. no TV’s)

“Fun Zone”:

6 – 9 years (Small plastic playground toys, water toys, group games such as red rover etc., slides with ball pits, no TV’s)

“Fun Central”:

10 – 12 years (Crafts, video games - rock band (limited play times), electronic instrument playing (with earphones), snack zone, bunk beds for rest, recliner chairs for movie area, board games, & team leader games like at summer camp)

“Chill Zone”:

13 – 17 (All amenities listed above + bunk beds for rest, family recreation + Karaoke for all ages)

Located in the very back outside area, is the “Holistic lifestyle exhibit,” (like a mini museum). Displaying how to live self-sufficiently via water filtration systems, natural mint for toothpaste and wind up electricity means. Juice stands are maintained with veggies and fruits grown by MSP (an MSP employee will always maintain the juicer). People may jump on and ride the all-electric appliance charger bike anytime. Our tiny farm area baby chick attendant allows for petting and cuddling (blocked off for scent capture)

MSP offers weekend ‘Houseboat Trips’, for prize winners as well as booked guests. The Boat provides massage sessions, facials, a “Relax and Move” stretch class, Tai Chi, full menu, and a live acoustic Music Show for both nights. Room service, full course meals and select alcoholic beverages are available from 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. Family or singles cruises available by maximal amount of people.

Employee Benefits:

Our ‘Massage Therapists’ are called Masseurs. They are provided with ample amounts of uniforms, self-care tools and close management help. Two distinctly different and very large break rooms maintain a large screen displaying schedules. (Screen protectors are on all screens to protect eyes) A low computer voice speaks name of masseur, time of session and any special requests or add-ons.

Example “Jose, your deep tissue client has arrived and has added a foot scrub, please go to room 7.”

All products used for each session are set up in advance by the room attendants. The cabinets in each room are locked with a common lock key that every employee maintains for use.

Employee Room 1 is for relaxing, stretching, meditating etc. Room 2 is for eating, congregating, employee massages, meetings etc. Both have large TV’s that display nature or Tai Chi videos to allow anyone to stretch and be ready for work, with floor mats available for everyone at any time to use.

We offer complimentary short ‘clothing on’ table massage sessions available in shifts throughout the day and night every Pay Day. A Massage Therapist is hired to come in and massage our masseurs who have signed up at least 48 hours before. The Pay Day Therapist also gives short, hand and arm massage routines based upon need throughout the day. We maintain large tubs with ice or hot water for hands and arms for those in need or for general self-care. One free (required) massage is given to each Masseur per month, on a revolving assignment sheet. A drawing is held each month for a Masseuse to receive a full Spa Day on company time. Large comfortable couches are in our “home like” area, kept professional and fun. Hanging bars and rings for wrist decompression and stretching are available in Employee room 2.

Care of sheets, hot towels, room clean up and maintenance are performed by paid cleaning crews. Revolving snack tables with drinks, fruits, and vegetables are also maintained by the cleaning crew. Full emergency kits, pain relievers and shoulder rice bag warmers are always available in ample amounts.

“Warming oil holsters” are given one per employee within our new hire welcome package. All new employees are welcomed into the MSP Family at the monthly celebration and given their gifts and work tools.

Welcome package includes: 1 Warming Oil Holster, 2 uniforms, 1 essential oil set, 1 nail clippers, 3 hair ties and a New Hire pamphlet.

Massage room designs:

Each room has a small corner waterfall which can be used at client preference, automatic beds, and table warmers (cords tucked away). Small chairs or quiet stools are available for masseur comfort. Small table and larger comfortable chair for client’s belongings. Small hanging light above bed to dim light in room. A small dimly lighted screen plays scenery and flashes messages to therapist if need be or for emergencies.

All rooms have night light designer air diffusers and real plants. Tables are electric and have an extra cushion padding. Each towel warmer includes a shoulder rice bag warmer ready with damp hot towels. All front entrance employees revolve responsibilities throughout the day, to avoid boredom and low spirits.

Monthly Celebration:

At our monthly employee celebration party, we hand out awards and drawing prizes. Professionally hosted with DJ’s and caterers. Our party goers are very happy welcoming male and female ‘Go Go” style dancers in fun and crazy costumes with Circus style make-up and large hair pieces who hand out glow in the dark party favors of all sorts.

Each Friday and Saturday night we use our Communal Hall for our Night Club called “Club Exhilaration”. Entry to this Club is NOT based upon financial gain. Everyone wants and deserves to have nights of fun dancing and music. Our door cover entry is very affordable, and many people are allowed in for free, based upon many different factors, such as necessity. However, “Club Exhilaration” is always free for Park members, employees and those enrolled into “Rejuvenation and betterment classes.”

The children’s workshops put on a talent show for their parents and guests prior to the night club set up. Club Exhilaration is a fun dance Club theme and specializes in fruit infused water shots, fresh blended fruit juices and vegetable shots from our gardens instead of alcoholic beverages.

Activities Schedule:

The last Friday of every month from 2 - 5 p.m. Streaming live, “Workout Dance Party with Carolina Grace.” (Caroline Garcia) Everyone wears workout attire. Atmosphere is a darkened night club theme with strobe lights, loud music, fun and friends.


5:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Stage Set-up

6 – 8 p.m. Children’s Talent Show and Rewards

8 - 8:30 p.m. Clean up and set-up for Night Club

8:30 p.m. – 3 a.m. Club Exhilaration

Mind Body Spirit Rejuvenation Classes:

The goal of this process is to lift the mood, mind, and spirit, through a set of precisely guided behaviors, tours, and a short seminar. With the goal of the recipient moving into the next stage of their process more peacefully. It can also remove the focus from the internal traffic and or torment through the shift in awareness. For some, just getting through the day or even the hour can be a difficult feat.

Workshops: (Can be purchased as a gift)

Copy Me – A 10-minute goal for going on a friendly welcome walk around facility, with a Mental Emotional Lifter, where recipient follows, watches, and attempts to copy each glance, smile, word, gesture, and motion of the MEL. This process is meant to help those in pain from the loss of a loved one or going through a very rough space in their lives. It’s designed to offer companionship and eliminate loneliness as they go through this heavy time.

Dress Me - A MEL wears a “Fun costume,” and welcomes the clients to also dress up and attend various workshops. The idea is to offer “rejuvenation” of mind, heart, and body as you are led in a group, dressed in a fun costume, and go out on a short park tour, to our designated Strike a Pose – SAP areas. Guests are distracted with fun and feel lifted out of a heavy emotional state.

Black and white SAP photos are always available for free. These tiny print photos remind clients of their wonderful visit and create a desire to return often. Color photo, picture frames and background of customer’s choice are also available and affordable.

Internal Recovery Workshop:

Workshops are offered by stages, designed to fit specific needs:

- Stage 1 (2 hours a day/ 2 days)

- Stage 2 (3 hours a day/3 days)

- Stage 3 extreme (4 hours a day/4 days)

Stage 1- For individuals who recognize they need a little pick me up and want to work on themselves or sort through some questions about themselves. Ideal for those who are just out of high school and not sure what they want to do for a career or where to go from where they are.

2 hours – Behavior Assessment

– Career research and choice

– Betterment construction plan = 4 hours in total

Stage 2- An interval of aggressive self-assessment park tours and SAP photo opportunities. One-on-one talk therapy for an hour for three days. On the last day of class, guest gives a speech on, “My view of who I am” to the class.

3 hours – Career Choice

– Behavior Assessment

– Betterment construction plan

– Talk Therapy (Spread over 3 days)

– Letter and journal writing

– Meditation and stretching

– Personal choice – Fun activities, games, karaoke, service, views correction class

Stage 3 – (Extreme Need)

3 hours a day, 4 days = Results

Stage 3 workshop is closely cared for with all attendees maintaining close communications with staff due to the high risk of the attendees. The “Head caretaker” and their handpicked “extreme need wellness guides” and expert M.E. L’s meet and design a plan of approach for each attendee unless enrolled upon immediate need status. In which the generalized plan of approach is used.

Betterment Shops (life improvement):

One-, two- or three - hour classes designed to become a better:





Family member


This class teaches focus on how to make lists about yourself and become motivated, and ready to start afresh. Classes are ‘fee based’ upon income assessment of individual attendees, no prices are set in stone and decided upon at intake processing and can be rearranged throughout membership.

Our monthly Magazine issue, ‘M. S. P. Today’ highlights top stories of public service workers all over America along with our own employees’ accomplishments and stories. We give out hardship awards and reflect our appreciation of everyday people by giving gifts and choosing individuals and families in need, to highlight their story and how they are faring living in the MSP Helping Homes communities.

“Traveling Mobile Day Spa”:

Imagine walking out of your front door and stepping into a full treatment Spa ready to serve all your needs and preferences. (Sliding scale and discounts not available for this feature). With the option of having your services administered at the beach, park or under the stars. The lounge room is stocked with complimentary appetizers for your guests or children (fee added). Great for people who do not have a babysitter or simply need a few hours of relaxation while their children quietly watch a movie and eat snacks. We can even drive you and your babies to have your services administered at a beach or park setting! Our Mobile Spa is top notch and has no competition.

Full access shower available for a fee. Custom designer plush robe included in first purchase of any package over $350. Complimentary champagne for parties under four guests. Guests allowed to provide their own champagne for parties of more than four guests. For parties, we offer simultaneous sessions available indoor and outdoor while everyone else quietly relaxes in the lounge, awaiting their much-anticipated service turn.

  • Choice of 80-minute Swedish/Deep Tissue/Pre Natal/Hot Stone Massage

  • Warm olive oil, hair, and scalp massage treatment

  • Organic Facial Sugar scrub for face, hands, and feet

  • Real avocado Face Mask and cucumber slices for eyes

  • Listerine and vinegar foot soak

  • Aroma Therapy

Example of process:

Appetizers are served on a beautiful tray with complimentary sparkling water and herbal tea choices. Client chooses aroma and it is applied around area and on sheets as well to specific points on the face and neck. Client disrobes in private, while sugar scrub, cucumber, avocado and warm oil are prepared in 3 glass bowls.

· Client lays face down for massage

· After flip apply sugar scrubs, avocado mask, and cucumber

· Apply warm olive oil and perform scalp massage with a large sanitized toothed comb

· Body scrubs and wraps completed after massage is complete

After session completion, all Mobile Spa employees do a curtsey as a gesture of gratitude for their allowance of our services. (The curtsey is in hopes to leave clients with extra joyful feelings and good vibes with a smile at the gesture)

Let’s make it happen.

The Masseuse Technique

Massage terms: Sacrum – Low back

Occiput – Back of head where skull and neck meet

Glutes – Butt cheeks

Sciatic – 2 nerves run on both sides through back of body

Mins – Minutes

Tapotement – Consecutive strikes with one’s hands or fingertips

When you give someone ‘a massage’, let it be from a foundation to be built upon through growth from service to service. Technique will naturally flow into your expression, palpation by palpation. “The Masseuse” is a person who delivers with precision and confidence. We convey the technique of a masseur with a goal to accomplish. However, what a receiver chooses to receive from their session is not up to us. We can however know that what we give is from our heart and done in service. Therefore, the practice of ‘The Way of The Masseuse’ is one of attention applied to pressures and movements by our hands, fingers, and wrists but more than simple mindless gliding along muscles and bones. “The way’ is specific to the strict practice of awareness and care. Touch is but ONE aspect of the entirety of creating a wonderful massage experience.

To give your utmost quality each time, one must understand the technique is based upon awareness as well as breathing mindfulness of both giver and receiver. This practice leads the hands and arms to be applied with precision. But you’re not just giving; you’re following the lead of your receiver. You may certainty seem to be leading but, you aren’t.

With each movement feel a flow of elegance releasing and going into your receiver. Observe and maintain awareness of their breath because it tells you where to leave certain pressures and for how long. The communications between you and your receiver are very clear, if you listen and watch with care. As though to not only cause no harm but induce the highest level of maximal excellence in each stroke and breathe you take.

Your massage table is your stage, and though you are performing for each audience member one-on-one, envision them all as one single people. Perform with good energy, engagement, presence, and intention. Leave them raving and spiritually dancing from the joy of relief and exquisite positive feelings to spread all around.

Be quiet and do not overwhelm with questions or words during the treatment. Though many receivers are “talkers” and that’s okay too. Example: I used to ask my clients to let me know if the wet towel going under their neck was too hot or if each section of their body had a good pressure. Until I observed the change in their focus. I was interrupting the flow instead of allowing them to enter that special dimension of relaxation, which feels like floating. I learned to correlate the thickness of a person’s skin to the heat they may enjoy and make that estimation. I also make sure to open the towel warmer quietly and carefully. When I first started massaging, my oily fingers accidentally made the door slam a few times. Eeeee I could feel the interruption of the peace and serenity in the room. It was not pleasant and needed to be corrected immediately. Make a great effort to show each guest consideration during their session. The Masseuse is intentional with each touch and movement in a session and at all-times leading up to it.

During intake when you ask what kind of pressures they enjoy, if it’s not their first massage, emphasize they can talk to you at any time during the massage or request more time in a tense area. “Would you like your scalp, glutes and feet worked on?” Some may say they don’t like their feet worked on or any other body part, make sure to stay aware of their requests because it can be easy to forget.

“Deep work” generally means your movements will require less speed more holds. “Swedish/relaxation”, movements vary and remain slow. Instruct them to “undress to comfort level”, letting them know you’ll tuck the sheet in all necessary areas no matter what. Request they lay face down. I always start my receiver face down because the most in need areas tend to be on the back side of the body. Though an excellent massage can flow just as evenly when starting face up.

The Master Formula Routine:

50-minute session 12:05

Approach door quietly and listen for sheets or clothing movement before knocking. When ready, firmly knock and wait a few moments to hear a response. Then peak in and ask, “All set?” Walk in and gently touch the soul of their foot asking, “Is everything comfy?” Observe the ankle pillow for proper placement and adjust as needed. Walk around the table to check arms and body are evenly covered by sheet and blanket. Move to head of table and say, “Okay let’s get you started with three nice deep breaths.” Firmly place both palms on upper shoulders, applying slow strong pressure. Gently pushing hands into low back saying, “And with each exhale, feel your body faaaall into the table.”

With firm gentle pressure, push palms forward to hold both hips gently, slowly rocking side to side. End warm up with squeeze of both upper shoulders by neck. Scoop and pull shoulders back and hold your fingertips at base of skull on both sides. Pull sheet slightly away from neck area and massage lower neck and base of skull for a minute while lifting table to a better height (if working with automatic table). Apply firm finger pressure circles into neck and occiput. Repeating a good number of strokes. Slowly spread your fingers into a full skull pull. Use fingers to exact pressure on various areas of scalp, end short scalp massage with gentle pull hold on cervical occipital.

Gently re-tuck sheet back onto neck and shoulders to begin full body warm up: Keeping contact, gently gliding hand over rib cage, walk to your left side of the table place closed hand hold onto gluteal hip, side region. Other hand pushes your knuckles down upon leg all the way down to the foot, gently rocking glute as you compress down hamstring. Push with firm pressure back up leg and move both hands towards shoulder and out to hand. Gently breaking contact at palm of their hand.

Keep contact, rub back as you walk around table to opposite side and repeat process. Warm up is complete. {5 mins) 12:10

Back work: Gently lift sheet and blanket from shoulders together, neatly folding back onto top of hips. With a gentle nudge tuck each side of blanket and sheet under hips for comfort. Apply a few gentle dry pull strokes on both sides of long muscles beside spine from low back to mid upper shoulders with gentle firm pressure. For last dry pull, use one hand to slowly hold occiput with firm finger pressure as your other hand retrieves oil or lotion. Apply warm lotion/oil from your opposite hand in a straight-line down top of spine to sacrum or simply rub hands together quickly. If lotion is cold, hold it in your hand fist closed for a bit. Begin massaging.

(Note: Warmth makes nerves calm and relaxed. Cold or hot, shocks the sensors to tense up)

Gently, firmly move to your right side of the table to begin the stronger work on their left side because the opposite of the dominate hand is usually the most tensed up. Using firm strokes, slowly work your way down the arm to the hand and push your palm to theirs with firm pressure out from palm to the tips of their fingers, a few times. With opposite hand hold their palm and fingers while you move your opposite finger knuckles in slow firm strokes up forearm to elbow then back to wrist. Gently pick up hand and pull arm out to hang at side of table. Some people lose circulation quickly, check hand color periodically. If they seem to preferer to leave their arms up, do so. Apply your heavier pressures to the long muscles closest to the spine.

With your wrists revolving in a slow and strong way pulling, stroking, knuckle kneading all the way up to the neck and upper shoulder areas, perform same movements with open hands. Close back section by pulling with tips of fingers against the spine from sacrum hip area to top of neck. Slowly bringing one hand to top of head gently tug one single hair or small area of hair, so to pull out energy. Same time reach to grab a warm towel for the wipe down.

Gently open towel, feeling for temperature and sweep once. Warn receiver of warm damp towel by asking in a low and slowed vocal tone, “Take a niiiice deeeeep breath”, as you sweep the towel over the sheet of the glutes, pulling it to cover shoulders, laying it over the back in a slow motion. Leave towel resting on the back for a few moments as you place both palms pressure on upper shoulders and squeeze. Gently squeeze with your hands down the spine, repeat squeezes all the way down to hips. Begin wiping the back as you gently pull the sheet and blanket over the areas just wiped down, to lessen chill of air. Rest remainder of warm towel on neck and squeeze neck as client exhales. Tuck sheet and blanket to keep air off dampened neck. Clean hands with antibacterial, place rice bag warmer on back if available, dim lights and come to one side of table for leg and foot work. {10-15 mins} 12:25

Back of Legs: Gently, quickly, and precisely fold & tuck the blanket or sheet under receiver’s inner thigh and top of outer thigh area. With oil/lotion in hand gently bring both hands together in a praying position, hugging the heel of the foot with your palms. Pushing and massaging all the way up to mid hamstring. Working gently on hamstrings and I.T Bands, use holds, squeezes, strokes and sweeping motions throughout leg and under to knee (do not massage back of knees). Work feet gently but firm, quickly re-cover leg and repeat other side. Use fingers, knuckles, palms, elbows based upon requests. Close each section with a light scratch with back of your nails. Tuck blanket and break contact to clean your hands with antibacterial before tapotement of entire body. {7 mins} 12:32

Prep for flip: Dry hands with a towel. Remove rice bag warmer and begin tucking sheet around the body’s form all the way up to neck. Walk down left side of table to foot area, gently brace the heel of one foot, then somewhat firm, begin fixed rhythmic fingertip tapping (tapotement) from bottom of foot along meridian, all the way up to the top of shoulders and down to the palm of hand, back up arm across upper shoulders to opposite side. Down arm to palm of hand and back down to bottom of foot. End with an intended beat. Walk back up to low back sacrum area, and with tips of fingers pull in a light movement along spine area of blanket to top of head, gently tugging one single hair or small area of hair, so to pull out energy.

Lift blanket slightly holding sheet down to neck. Begin over sheet back scratching from lumbar back to each side of neck up into gentle scalp scratch. Replace blanket and request they “take a nice deep breath”. Push one palm against spine down to low back sacrum spine area and hold for a count of 5.

Slightly lift both sides of sheet and blanket together as you sing ever so sweetly to them, “Okay now were going to slowly but surely have you turn over and slide down toward your feet, and then ill fix your knee pillow”. Holding covers up and out slightly, step to side for receiver’s privacy during flip. After flip, lay covers down on clavicle area, not tucked while you go and fix knee pillow. Fix covers to be straight and compress top of legs for a few seconds, return to head of table and remove face cradle from table, quietly setting it to the side.

Grab a medium sized towel to fold into neck pillow. Place on counter as you grab a hot, damp towel, lay it over the dry towel and bring to side of their upper shoulder area as you gently place your hand under their neck and pull to one side as you push the shoulder away from the neck with your knuckles down on bed, for both sides. This time allows the towel to cool down. Confidently lift their head gently and place warm towel pillow under neck and adjust, tuck covers over each side of towel to hold in heat. {3 mins} 12:35

Front of Legs: Walk to foot of table and gently, quickly, and precisely fold & tuck the blanket or sheet under receiver’s inner thigh and top of outer thigh and hip area. Make move simultaneously so to avoid double work from pulling one side out and pushing another. With oil/lotion in hand gently bring both hands together in a praying position, hugging the top of the foot with your palms. Pushing and massaging all the way up to mid quadricep. Gently working I.T band, use holds, squeezes, strokes and sweeping motions throughout leg and knee. Work feet gently but firm with gentle toe pulls. Quickly re-cover leg and repeat other side. {5 mins} 12:40

Arms: With a clear intention to keep your receiver’s privacy respected, gently bring arm over folded sheet and blanket. Place oil onto arm from bicep to wrist, holding arm with wrist open and massage inner deltoid. Massage arms using knuckles and firm finger pressures. Close each arm with a gentle closing touch as you step away to get a warm damp towel. Slowly place warm towel on arm saying, “take a deep breath”, from deltoid to forearm and squeeze over warm towel, compressing and dragging it down to wrist. Lifting arm pull warm towel down to cover and squeeze the hand as you gently pull and hold the arm out. Pull and fold towel under hand and place hand and arm back under the covers. Repeat other side. {5 mins}. 12:45

(optional) Face Massage 1-3 mins: Sitting at head of table, bring tips of fingers to forehead and massage in circles following face to jaw line around to chin. Pull each side into ears. Massage fingertips into jaw. Pull gently at top of forehead. Strong strokes back down to top of chin by mouth. Apply pressure with tips of thumbs to laughter lines area pulling around cheek bones. Applying pointer fingers to middle of nose and pull up toward scalp. Lift thumbs and push top of scalp in. Half second holds. Pull pointer fingertips into eyebrows. Bring sides of thumbs back together and pull from middle forehead to temples. Place index fingertips at inner edge of eyebrows and apply gentle fingertip tapotement strokes with gentle, firm pressure. Creating vibration tapping around eyebrows and nose back to middle of eyebrows. Stop and hold fingertip pressure at temples then move to mid eyebrows and squeeze together with thumbs pulling eyebrow bones out to temple area. Massage temples. Slowly take hands away and ask, “Would you like an eye pillow?” As you slowly place eye pillow just above nose.

Neck and Shoulders: Move to top of table for neck and shoulder work. Gently remove warm towel pillow and quietly sit on stool. Gently bring fingertips to massage clavicle around to shoulders and under the neck. Gently turn the head to massage both sides of neck. At close of massage, pull covers back to around neck and shoulders. Do a gentle chest push with both hands knuckles, make sure not to choke them with the covers.

Slowly walk to left side of table, holding left hand over diaphragm, saying “and take one more deep breath as we clear your energy”, with opposite hand pull thumb in a straight line over forehead back to middle of top of head, gently tugging one single hair or small area of hair, so to pull out energy. Place both hands on left arm and take a deep breath as you move your left hand gently down their left arm. Walk to opposite side of table saying, “And were all complete” as your lower the table. {10 mins} 12:55

As you lower the table smile at client and gently ask, as you’re slightly scratching their scalp or holding a gentle touch over their shoulder, if they’d like “cold, room temp or flavor infused water.” Let them know you‘ll have it waiting for them when they step out into the hallway or sitting at front desk check out.

Then as you approach door say, “here comes the light” as you gently bring the light back on.

I’ve experienced a few times my receiver was so relaxed and ‘out of it’, they didn’t realize they were supposed to get up, get dressed and step out. It’s often necessary to make sure your receiver responds to you and is gradually welcomed back from their session because grogginess and confusion can set in. Be very direct and specific with your instructions for the close of the session. However, it’s not the end of the massage.

The closing interaction and what you say as your receiver leaves is very important. I always send my clients off with a guarantee. I say, “And you’re going to have a fantastic week OR you’re gonna feel brand new.” Or “Ready to take on the World”. They usually say, “Thank you” and I say, “You are so welcome, have a great one, take care bye bye.”

Become the master of thine own gift. Be “The Masseuse,” in your own right. Together we’re here to banish pain and model a life of love for service. Be well and know that positivity is here with you, and I’m here with you. Because I’m engaging with you through my words, and you are engaging with me by reading them. May you feel amazing fulfillment right now as I write this in this very moment.

We’re all becoming complete.

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