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The Way of The Masseuse - A

The Way


The Masseuse

Part 2


“Carolina G. Is The Masseuse”

(A 2-part series)


Caroline Garcia


Preface -

My Spa Paradise –

The Masseuse Technique –

Mental Massage –

Internal Healing –

- Dear other Me

MSP Helping Homes –

Ideas –


Hey, welcome back! In part 1 I told you some of my most embarrassing and painful life stories and how I found my life’s purpose and passion in working to help and heal people through massage work. Here in part 2, I hope to convey a clear vision of solutions regarding some serious and necessary social issues as well as provide “The Way of The Masseuse” massage technique and vision of “My Spa Paradise”. I believe we can help those who are in many different forms of need. From a need for rest and relaxation to a need for basic life necessities such as a home free from the fear of not having enough food. Or a need to feel good about being alive. The art of massage can be mastered by you. So be good to yourself and everything will follow. Maintain a healthy and thriving physical home (body) as well as a mental home (mind), and you will begin to experience more peace and excitement for life.

In book 1 when I told you about how I had to learn to face who I am to see the world around me with a peaceful mind. I hope it also made you aware of the power you too pose over your mind. Now that I’m ready to believe in myself enough to believe I can communicate a truly necessary process of separation from self-harms and correction of views. I have learned that we must care enough about ourselves and others before we can try and be a good model of what “loving people”, truly demonstrate just by being alive. They exist in this world by walking in love, first and foremost.

Step one is looking at ourselves in a patient and determined way. Step two, believe in the ability to do what needs to be done to change things. Sometimes believing you even have a “to do” part, which is equivalent to life purpose, is the hurtle to get over. Then you learn why belief is so power and how something so simple as just handing it over to God, frees your entire being and allows you to keep building even amid interruptions. Sometimes we work and build through tears and fears. But we’re in this together.

Having a purpose in life motivates me! Pushes me to do better at staying focused on the focus of utilizing and sacrificing my best work each day in all ways. The best work to do is always creating positive spaces within us and around us. Because the high likelihood of your work turning out to be the best feel-good work to be tired from doing, is imperative.

In this book, we’re taking it to the next level. When I began writing “a book” in the first place I plunged myself onto the dark ledge of speaking the truth. At least that’s how it felt at the time. I just had a deep desire to share this vision of developing a facility that can literally change lives for the better by teaching people to value themselves and others, and how to stop harming themselves and others. And it all starts with internal understandings and beliefs on how to find what you are “meant” to do for your life’s work.

I’ll tell you now, to “work” is the very thing that places a sense of worth within any life. It’s a “self-therapy.” Try and look at it like how a beautiful flower goes throughout its short little life. Living where it sprouted towards the glorious warm and bright sun calling to it every day. Until someone comes along and pulls this little flower out for use of some sort. The flower lived for itself until it was chosen to live for another and then depart. The departing part would have happened regardless of being picked or not.

Finding your purpose and working in it, can transform this world into an exciting and not fear-filled place to be. This ability to choose your view lays in perspectives and understanding our surroundings, behaviors, and choices. It’s all in how we perceive the reason for ours and all existence.

It is my desire to convey growth tools to the readers of this book by being open in sharing this process of learning to walk straight. Learning to have love for ourselves and others. To give us each an ability to stride with more peace of mind and a solid life lived with joyful purpose for positive and unselfish desires. Understanding and accepting that not all people in this world are able, nor will choose to live in service to others. The point is to love one another regardless of being loved back. To live as a flourishing individual within each one of our communities.

With this book I’ve laid out plans on how to heal some of the most in need people in our existence and how we can help stop confusion and self-deception. How to live a life with a healthy level of focus on identifying one’s self-value. Because so many people have been devalued to the point of not understanding why they matter in any sense at all.

Come along! Let’s learn to truly believe our lives are lived for the goal of giving, sharing and caring. This is the difference between having and maintaining a heart of service and not having a heart of service. Yes, it is in fact one or the other in this case.

I thank you for existing, and I know firsthand how this place can be scary. But you got this. Let’s get to work!

Don’t Tremble

Don’t wince!

Don’t laugh.

When we fret for pence

Don’t be a category five.

Or a Category seven

Cause we’re nothing till alive.

And we’re something more than driven

We’re a passenger being driven

Or a driver of the Flames

Oh we’re burning

On our own

We can burn our very home


They gotta know we gotta drift and sift

Sifting through the rubble of our hearts

Once the category ten nuclear bomb has detonated

Only happily we lose

Our minds they cannot see

But who looks more and more


Crazy for feeling so

Feeling, something only those who can feel, will ever know

So be thankful for the ability some can never grow

But still bound to love

Crazy is as crazy does

Crazy Love

My Spa Paradise

Envision walking into THE most gorgeous Spa filled with beautiful gardens, waterfalls, indoor swimming pools and beaches. The first of its kind in the World! Then finding out that it’s also designed to simultaneously aid the entire community through funds generated from its ‘Rejuvenation Center’ type services, as well as produce grown 100% organically through our “MSP helping homes”. A homestead community of tiny homes maintained by members of the community. This facility offers not only physical relaxation and Spa services for guests but a complete physical, emotional and mind clearing experience, whose generated funds go right back into its core purpose which is to help those in need. Making it a self-sustaining machine that runs itself, pays itself and helps support many people. Designed like an immensely huge bathhouse, our For-Benefit Corporation is a fully equipped and functioning Service Spa.

But being a self-sustaining Spa isn’t the only revolutionary part of this concept. This facility is a place to not only experience Spa style bliss but offers the option to leave with a better view of yourself and your place in this world via classes, workshops, and activities. ‘Renewal’ is our goal and helping people in the process is the icing on this cake.

Most of the funds derived from ‘MSP Helping Homes Food Production’, comes from selling our produce to local restaurants and through farmer stands. Our harvest is in such abundance we have a plentiful amount enough for the guests at My Spa Paradise to enjoy complimentary fruit or veggie juices and appetizers. We also make and sell our own nature-based beauty products and house-hold cleaning products. With humility, I ask you to see our design as being molded upon the exemplary lifestyle of the Amish people. Self-sufficient in every way possible. A way of life built upon hard work and rewards.

The cost for many of the communal based services at My Spa Paradise, are not firm in price and range by either a pay plan, sliding scale or for free. We do not require clients to pay “tips” nor carry around any belongings with them. We hone your focus onto the benefits, services, and improvements without making money or tech costs a major part of it all.

We highly value the best of service quality and are constantly working to build trust in one’s ability to draw strength from within. We believe self-care is necessary to live a healthy life and be able to do a good and purposeful life’s work. We also believe not caring for one’s body is equivalent to concealed, slow suicide. Which is why we have chosen to devote our life’s work to helping people. We believe the internal state of a person reflects in their external responses, habits, and choices. So, we work to help others get themselves in alignment with a balance of self-improvement services and fulfillment via much needed Spa services and relaxation techniques. Sending you back into your day-to-day life ready to conquer. Aiding in your journey to a joy for living life.

Our entire facility is calculated to engage the mind, body, and spirit for both client and employee alike. To bring about a space of breathing deep breaths and exhaling with relief for having finally received peace and relaxation. This facility motivates and inspires good things for everyone involved. When a client visits our facility, they’ll be ever engaged by employees who are exceptionally aware, loving, caring and maintain selfless intentions with having chosen a work in service. Each MSP employee is eager to help others feel better and experience wonderful rejuvenation.

This working machine literally makes the world a better place.

Our Spa World type venue wins popularity and love for being affordable yet elegant, tasteful, and fun. Maintaining an ability to give people the tools necessary to work themselves into a healthier lifestyle on all levels of existence. Everyone is going to want to be employed by and visit this place often, not only because our sliding scale gives those who do not have much, an opportunity to receive much needed services, but to help others. We believe self-care is not a “luxury” but instead, a health necessity.

Our employees are cared for and greatly valued. Positions at MSP are highly sought after and limited to a bootcamp style training with a vigorous physical examination of endurance and knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle with grace.

We offer:

1. Competitive pay for employees

2. Opportunity to help the community

3. A way to make health care affordable

We contract with licensed physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, mental health therapists, physical therapists as well as hair, nails, make-over teams and activities directors. Our employees have a maximum allowance of daily hands-on massages to perform to maintain a maximal level of excellence for each client. However, each employee is allowed to choose other areas of work to complete a desired shift schedule. At MSP we believe clear communications allows for ample preparation and maximal satisfaction, therefore an in-depth communications course is required of each MSP employee. Each massage worker is certified in our 3-tier certificate course called “The Way of The Masseuse”. This requirement helps us to maintain our brand quality and responsibility to the public. Being that “The Way of The Masseuse” maintains goals to serve rather than be served.


1 – Expert (3 years + as either CAMTC Certified, or MSP Certified)

2 – Exceptional (1-3 years MSP Certified)

3 – Foundational (MSP Certified)

We have four separate Massage Work areas that allow for a competitive base of affordability for everyone including our massage workers. Rates are based upon these three tiers:

1. Private Massage Rooms - 5 years of experience + Tiers 1 & 2

2. Large Room - hands on Chair Massage, curtained off electric massage chair area (Tier 3 +)

3. Large curtained off area - Clothing on- table massage (CAMTC certified only - clients must sign waiver)

Upon each visit, one can choose a single service or service plan with extended amounts of visits. As sometimes our guests may have a rejuvenation Plan which requires one to receive multiple Spa services coupled with talk therapy or more on a daily, weekly, or monthly bases. Group rates are also available.

We offer a uniquely detailed optional massage specified preference questionnaire:

Massage Style:


Deep Tissue



Pace preference:

Peak energy (fast, rigorous)

Low impact (slow, gentle)

Combination high or low strength

Holds (areas focused upon, minimal movement)

Special Attention to:

Upper Back | Lower Back

Sciatic area | Glutes

Hands | Feet | Legs

Shoulder’s | Face | Neck | Jaw | Scalp

Stomach | Arms | Elbows

Client can choose from any reasonable combinations to use in a minimum 50-minute massage.

At My Spa Paradise, our ‘meet and greet teams’ consist of extra ordinarily joyous and welcoming individuals who love their job and the work they do and are happy to live in service to others. Evident in their demeanor and approach, our employees work as a single unit in making Executive decisions because ALL our employees benefit from the facility as well. Together our employees compete against themselves in teams, for extra prizes quarterly and yearly. Each revolving team compet