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The Prodigal Daughter In-Law & Spirit

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Prodigal Daughter In-Law & Spirit by Caroline Garcia

Why do some people allow others to treat them badly?

Why do some people become afraid to stand up for themselves? Could it be from fear of conflict? Could it be the results of believing someone's threats that they can and will harm your loved ones? But, aren't you a loved one? Aren't they harming you by saying those things to you at all?

There are countless abuses that can ruse the giant with fear of death. We must understand that this life, this reality is like a big Gym. A spirit Gym. And we gotta do many squats to strengthen our resolve and spiritual legs to go throughout this life ready to stand at any given moment. Because when we take the time to workout our spiritual strengths, when it comes time to being strong, we'll know we've spent a good amount of time building up to the level of facing those real and truly heavy lifts. You see, when we take upon us a weight like the contemplation of death, we can either maintain an avoidance of its finality, or we can build ourselves into the strength to stand strong in our convictions, even... unto... death.

This action alone is a very serious stance to make within oneself. To know that people can and have killed others for standing up for themselves and it is indeed quite possible you could face the like in your own life time. Similar to how when Jesus stood his ground for God he was hated for it. Yet the stand he made was so enormous that many of his enemies were transformed into believers of his teachings on how to live, simply by hearing stories about who he was and why he did what he did with his life.

Point blank..... True and exceptional peace is known when you get to know the innocent man who was killed through chaos in order to restore some people back into peace of mind a.k.a paradise on earth.

When we walk in confidence with humility we can avoid the resulting self judgement of alternately cowering in pride. It's all brought to our alter and laid out for an offering. But to whom and for what? The answer lays in the ability to be honest with yourself about how you feel concerning your responses to the dead lifts we all face. Do you walk away feeling good and cleansed or do you want to hide something, deny something and pretend with a play written smile? Being dishonest with ourselves is only too bad and will only result with feelings of being filthy, unwanted, unloved and unimportant. Do you feel spiritually clean?

When we understand the power of placing this ancient wisdom of God's love upon our lives, we see how and why he loves us as we are and how his love naturally cleanses.

What kind of person do you think I am? Sometimes I look at others and wonder if they really see him through me or if I'm just steady dimming his light, like I used to do so often. But in truth it's unproductive to expect people to fulfill my desire to appear in a specific light. I think it's much better to work to your capabilities and push forward being who you love, sharing your love and fearlessly staying ready to lift yourself right on outa situations, environments and thought processes you know are not conducive to your understanding of God and his loving purpose for your life. Firstly that you do no harm. To others nor to yourself. Yes a very simple reality yet their are some religions of people who think God is evil. How bizarre. Or perhaps not so bizarre at all once we understand that we will see reality in a way of which we choose to live. If we want to do whatever we want and choose not to seek to know what God may want for us, we will perceive good as bad. And this is the danger of denial. Long standing self deception.

And you don't even have to be apart of upside down perceptions to not see clearly. Clarity is a heavy at first until you start to recognize the differences between.

__________________________________________ STOP in progress

Stop being Pans Wendy... We're not here to save the lost boys. That's Jesus' work. We just point the way to the way.

How long will it take you to be restored to God? People think that the story of Adam and Eve is just a thousands year old story of disobedience. However we each maintain only a short life time in order to accomplish this feat. Because it's about us individually and in single life times. Reincarnation is a deception of spiritual decapitation. These old choices exist here today but so to does the fulfilled promise of restoration and the ability to hide within it.

I see a vision of a person who commits the unforgivable sin against the holy spirit and the Angel who spiritually decapitates them.

What matters most is what you think of yourself since you spend most of your time with you.

Nobody's goin to teach you how to have a pair of balls, you gotta learn to grow them.

Chapter: Distrust

Do people who have trust issues walk in fear, stumbling about knocking things over, breaking things, harming others in their path?

I believe the process of acceptance and being saved by Jesus stems all the way from the story of Adam and Eve because their trust was demolished and God's punishment was but a reset. Pointing their path back to trusting him again through his own suffering for us.

What if all the vevil vileness of those who hide within their wealth and leadership positions must exist in order to show us who we are not? To show us what happens to those who choose to behave as though they do not trust God but its not really mistrust, it's rejection to trust. Because Jesus showed us we can trust him, and they see the same of what we do but still they do not want to trust they want to hate.

Its like a broken creation wanting to stay broken when the creator of it only created those things in order to use them when they work properly. Proper use comes from properly working items.

If we trust in God we won't struggle trusting ourselves enough to know if we can trust others yet understand they can be deceivers. But we must practice truth in order to believe trust is good and real. Or we'll think the whole of existence is evil and filled with pointless sufferings.

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