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The Hard Way

As a child, grandma always told me I was “hard headed” or “mule head”, because she said I liked doing things the hard way. But when I look at how I used to be and why, I understand I just didn’t want to do things the way others said I should. I wanted to make my own way. I wanted to prove them wrong in any way possible. Why? Probably because I had resentment built up within myself stemming from feelings of being the unfavored child or the problem child. Yet the reality of how I responded to my care takers was aligned with anger and feelings of inadequacy. Rebellion.

When I look at who I used to be verses who I know myself to be currently, I recognize that “the hard way” is the worst way. Period point blank. Because it’s a thought process that leads to taking actions of disregarding the wisdom and knowledge others have placed upon this world for anyone to take. Imagine playing a video game and consciously choosing to avoid the coins. This is what’s being done when we choose that we do not want to listen to another’s input, advice, or direction. When we choose to not trust. Which is why the story of Adam and Eve is literally about two people who made the dumbest decision EVER. Imagine being in a literal head space of utter joy, peace, and contentment, provided for, having no needs, and still making the choice to trust the lie over the only truth in existence.

How much goodness do we as people need to attain and experience to make right decisions? To choose to trust in God and that he has our best interests in heart with every single guiding notion, commandment and fulfilled promise. I envision those people who deny God as being good for the claim of commandments being looked down upon and deemed unconsciously evil in their core intention, with their eyebrows raised and a smirk upon their mouths. Denial is just as dangerous as greed. Greed being the very sin that stumbled Eve into believing that God himself was wrong. And then taking that doubt to her husband and offering it up to him to also make that deadly choice to do things the hard way.

Paradise is not some carrot God dangles in front of us that we won’t possibly attain till we’re no longer here. It’s here right now! And very much attainable. When a thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy they do not care other than to get, come up, achieve their ends. They don’t care how much you loved that little purse that had nothing of real value in it. Or that you bought it for six bucks on clearance. THEY DON’T CARE. And so, what I’m saying is Paradise is a state of internal well being also known as peace of mind. People will come to take or disrupt it just because you have it and it’s upsetting for them to see what they do not have. So, The Holy Spirit is teaching us that we must do our work of bringing forth what is within, for the people his children, regardless of the reality that we may or could be interrupted.

Sometimes when I feel upset with someone I say, “excuse me I’m tryina walk with Jesus here do ya mind?!” And those words remind me that my walk isn’t balanced from the fear that God could pull away from me but that I can drift off. And for the lamest reasons of inability to control my emotions or thought processes. Failure to honestly communicate with yourself. What kind of fruit pies do you bake for others to eat? Because we will all exist apart from here, it’s all about how. How will that feel? We’ve never known what no time feels like. We’re all bakers of pies, we all interact or do not interact. Both are actions in themselves. It’s all about choice that will result in a response to you in your lifetime and outside of it. Some people think that if they just stay away from people, how could they be guilty of harming anyone. The same way indifference works.

Which one sounds like someone who is intending to make a great pie:

A. I’m getting ready to serve up something amazing here soon! I can’t wait for you to try it and tell me how you like or dislike it.

B. Yea I put the stuff into the thing and cook it.

Now imagine these two as people distinct with personalities unhidden. Joy is viewable, palpable and can even be supernatural. Joy, trust, and faith can look completely bizarre to people who are only used to expecting all reactions to be filled with fear, terror, and panic. Which are so often displayed by people on a screen pretending to be living or following some sort of script.

We should take a good look see at those communities of people who have managed to keep many influences from this world out and have a very high occurrence rate of healthy, thriving people. It’s about monitoring and controlling. What you put in and why. And why is because it’s imperative you know what kind of fruit you are growing and eating. Share paradise.

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