Carolina G. Is The Masseuse Part 1-D

Updated: Mar 18

She said, “Being rich doesn’t make you selfish though being selfish often makes you rich. It's a poisonous cake for lovers of wealth with much too much. It's a rich cake indeed, rich enough to make us become sour or grow sick from its taste. Run from it! Get rid of it. Too much can drown us, yes it can. And they do a great job at making the world seem a desert. If you have too much water to drink, you’ll die. No matter how thirsty you were.” The wise lady -

Chapter: Did You Know

Did you know the story of ‘Adam and Eve’ is about losing faith in yourself? Self-doubt? Here’s what I understood when I read the stories. “Satan” is the brain, the 'cleverest of all animals'.  Undeniably, a human is indeed a 'human animal'. When Eve’s brain told her to 'not believe', claiming God is actually lying to her, is when she let fear in. Took a bite, opened the forbidden door and walked through. God is our spiritual parent whom we're each made in the image of. Being allowed to choose to be disobedient is the lesson of why we should trust and live "in God" in truth.

The story is indeed imperative to understand for it is indeed the explanation of why we ARE here. “Satan/doubt”, is the symbol of allowance.

Disobedience is the evidence that we ARE NOT SLAVES TO GOD. 

People constantly wonder or ask, “why would he let those things happen?” Well... now ya know why.

“Choice” is given to us so that we can learn why we should strive to be close to God and not ourselves. As “Satan” is just the body/here, in reality. To worship the body or anything within the dimension of its existence, is idol worship.  Believing the lie,” is what sent Adam and Eve to “death". To no longer live in that peaceful state of mind. Because from what I know, the Garden of Eden… is a state of mind. A place within.

Did you know the bible is Not technically, “The Word of God”?  I understand "God’s word" is alive and books don't have a pulse; indicating signs of life. Though the book in itself can be used for good because God can redeem all things for the good of your needs and life work.

Did you know the old terminology or words used from the Bible, which are still being used today, are most generally not understood completely? People use these words below without understanding what they mean in the ‘today’ sense of the meaning. Having learned to trust in the translations of men whom outright mainly follow money.  

Old Terms:                                       Explanation/Today:

Sin                                                         Abuse (to hurt or abuse another or yourself)

Evil                                                        Hateful actions

Demons                                                 Negative thoughts (wolves)

Demonic People taken over, held hostage in the mind

Angels                                                   Truest self, in form WHOM you are, positive actions

Satan                                                     The vessel The body The Brain and physical realm

The Rapture                                           Evolution (spiritual becoming One with God)

Evolving from service to self, to service for others. Trust the process. It will lead to understanding Christ’s message on why it's important to serve and love one another. It's a command, not a request. It's a rule for a reason. Not understanding it will hold you from proceeding. Did you know the symbols on money, tells us whom created it? All money belongs to the people whom created and maintain it. No matter how much of it you’ve worked for or have in a bank (which belongs to them as well).

Did you know when Jesus said he’d “return on clouds” he meant the clouds of our clouded minds? Hence “powers and principalities in high places” is speaking about the highest place on the body, the head. The mind. Your Mind. The body can either obey or command... you. And if you allow it to take command of you, it will do what it naturally wants to do, which is to make you serve yourself and live comfortably with no regard for others. This action also causes self-harm by making you constantly want to be alone, beyond healthy levels

So, we MUST do the work it takes to learn to command this thing. And it starts by first learning why it's imperative to obey the spirit of Love within. Practice walking in love. I notice a “certain” religious group has taken it upon themselves to tell the world what “sin” is. But look closely at their practices and traditions. Since the time Jesus was written into history. You'll notice many people have hijacked “Christianity”. And now it's all about becoming “successful” BY money standards. Refusing to serve "Gay" people. Which is unkind and unloving in its face and using scripture quotes to hurt whole groups of people.   

Did you know “taking God’s name in vain,” doesn’t mean what most people think it means? When you understand the name “God” is but the word we use for Love.  You’ll understand not to claim it as a title for regulating peoples understanding of it. We all must fall in line and stand under it. For instance, when someone gets married knowing they do not truly ‘Love’ that one. They are in essence, taking the name of Love wrongly. (Taking the name of God in vain) Lying about being in possession of a thing.  Living under a title falsely. The action is vain and can in most cases lead to divorce.  Which at its very heart is saying in action, “Sorry but fix yourself” or “Let God forgive you, I never will. Bye Felicia”.  

However, I observe, some people simply believed they knew what love was and had entered into it with their spouse. I believe this is what causes so much grief upon separating from one whom you were married to. Facing you did not have the stamina to NEVER leave the loved one but you thought you did. And though you face it was never going to be an unbreakable attachment no matter what they did. No matter what you find out they battled within themselves, it ended. It died. And it hurts to be wrong about who we may have thought we were. It's the same pain that comes when you do something you never thought you would do.

It’s imperative to know what love is in order to be able to stand strong under it. And I know that sounds harsh but it’s a truth that needs to be fathomed. Therefore, it needs to be hit and driven in hard, like a nail. Hard words to hear are the heaviest in our ears. Yet they make us see better. Like a trumpet sounding. Words are powerful enough to help us make better choices going forward.

Did you know zombies are real? Yup. But they’re just regular people roaming around looking/working for food, but not really living. Because being alive is having Love and knowing the truth in a personal sense. Having understanding brings peace of mind. Understanding the life of service to each other, being alive is living with passion for giving. Living only to take is just so “zombie.” Yet we love our enemies. Those who are saved by the sacrificial blood of Jesus live to serve him via serving his flock.

Did you know Love isn’t love unless it’s given away? However, to receive Love is to be given a choice to either appreciate it and give back in gratitude, or deny it and reject?

Did you know denial is insanity? Because sanity is truth and acceptance thereof and Love is who we are, naturally, by creation. Sanity is Love, is God. That’s why what looks to the majority as “crazy actions”. Are most likely along the lines of being evil type actions, because exacting destruction instead of creation is evil. NOBODY IS SENT HERE TO DESTROY. Spirits cannot destroy, but the body can destroy and be led to destroy itself.

Did you know the statement “judgement is reserved for the wicked,” might actually mean; to judge another... is wicked? God didn’t send us here to judge each other, but to “Love one another”. And to take it upon ourselves to judge another usually leads to feeling justified in needing to abuse them for any reasons. Which is the same as stealing from God. Taking what is rightfully God’s job. God is love and justice.  Natural justice. Any judging we do, is born from a tree we're not meant to eat from, making it a poisonous fruit to eat and feed others.

Did you know those who live a life of false service to others, such as to take money for teaching God’s word then using it to serve their own kingdom on earth. Are acting with evil intent? Preachers, pastors or ANYONE getting paid to teach, that which comes freely from within are actually thieves in disguise?

Did you know it’s quite possible some people whom commit evils literally do not realize they are committing evils and can be forgiven? Yet still SOME who DO know what they do, are not able to look for forgiveness because the first choice was made with knowledge and full intention? Meaning those of us whom do wrong knowing it’s wrong, CAN NEVER WANT forgiveness because one can’t want to ‘not do something’ they actually wanted to do. This way of thinking stops one from being able to forgive others which creates inability to first forgive ourselves.

Did you know some things meant hurtful against you, can be turned into good for you? Because God can do the impossible. Because Love can do....... the impossible.

Did you know laziness runs rampant and psychological laziness is more prominent today than ever before because instead of looking into things to see if they are real or true, many people would rather simply dismiss and deny them as being false? Not wanting to think about it. Refusing understanding.

Did you know God is capable of miracles and will show proof of the truths present and all will be revealed, justice served, as is necessary with perfect timing?  Because no matter what, God decides what will be and even when we’re suffering, we need to hold on tight to the trust he is with us and will bring us out into the love we know exists. 

Did you know, some say suffering is a choice because many can be experiencing a terrible pain but choose to trust in ‘goodness’ to conquer all horrific things? Living in a state of hope can save you from the hurdle of suffering in fear and hopelessness. Therefore, most suffering is by our own choice. 

Did you know motivation comes from thoughts? And NOT doing things is the same as being passive in life, allowing life to pass you by? In order to live a better life and find your purpose, one must first start guiding one’s thoughts. Not ridding ourselves of their existence, because thinking is your soul talking to God.

Did you know when we practice less thinking, we get a result of less actions, and less positive living? Say NO to the negative thoughts, but don’t attempt to stop thinking all together because that is the table you serve others upon.

Did you know pessimists use their imaginations to visualize possible negative futures, and as a result of those actions, live in fear instead of love? Optimism is self-motivating. 

I’ve finally found the understanding. And though it took thirty-five years to realize that forgiving others is indeed for our own peace of mind ninety percent of the time, I can finally see. And though many will not ever ask for forgiveness nor see themselves as wrong when someone does, they’ve conquered ninety percent of themselves. That’s a walk-in grace.  The power of denial is strong and will break people for not wanting to be alive in truth. So grow and refuse to not love yourself enough to love others in truth.

"The throne of the King of truth is within, dust off the Cobb webs and invite him in."

A wise Lady -

Chapter:  The Struggle

Even though I was so scared and in such a predicament, knowing people viewed and judged me as some unstable chick who can’t even hold her own family together. I refused to continue feeling helpless and stuck. Attaching my mind to the knowledge I’d get through is what got me through. Though I was utterly pregnant and neither able to support myself or my children, still living with grandma, feeling deep in sorrow a lot of the time. Time traveler ex-boyfriend now rejected me harshly beyond how I ever knew someone could be so mean to another. As well being cared for by doctors I didn’t trust. Emotions were all over the place.

But instead of taking all those facts into myself and feeling bad all the time. I made sure my baby knew the sense of being wanted by me. As I laid my hands on my belly and focused myself to be calm and send her love energy, knowing it's all that matters.  Still as the days passed and I felt the urge to keep trying to talk to the time traveler ex because I knew he needed love and I wanted to give him mine. Often I recognized how desperate I was for him to wa