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Fallen Angels by Carolina Grace (under construction)

Fallen Angels

By Carolina Grace

Chapters –

Giving and Taking

Chapter: Giving and Taking

When I envision practicing the instruction to, “give back to Caesar what is Caesars”. I see, first I’d need to begin living life self-sufficiently. With no dependence upon systems. Regardless who put them in place. No matter where originates those very foundations which caused the need for such an instruction in the first place. Apparently “Caesar” was a reference to “Royals”. And not that one single man in particular.

I see many people would view such a practice of separation as negative. They already call people who are going solo, names such as “Off grid’er, hobo, paranoid, truther or conspiracy theorist”. I envision they believe anyone who doesn’t want to be a part of the machine, are “Anti-American”. Or that people who do these things will end up begging from them in the future. And that’s completely inexcusable in their view because they see those in need, as burdensome and at fault. It’s like they hate homeless people, beggars and the poor.

Perhaps it’s just a simple hate of people who don’t choose to continue within this current unsound structure of planet and land ownership. They know what’s up. Unlike us, they’re literally enjoying the ride. Children starving, abuses abounding. Perhaps the simplicity of feeling dismissive, indifferent or disgusted can help one see themselves. But I guess they’d not know ….. The difference. Whether it be annoyance or non-care. Either way, it means the person is not choosing to live in love and to not do so, is the same as choosing to suffer. Because when we’re spending time hating others or ourselves we’re in practice, serving ourselves. Abusing the child within. And we all have to answer to the time Lord at the end of time for time spent. Be a good parent to yourself. What is it that makes us want to hurt ourselves or make ourselves happy or save ourselves?

I think the key word to focus on is MAKE. It’s an action word indicating work. Working indicates

service. Service is reserved for us to do for those whom need help. Who need to be given love. Because whoever we give our service to, is being worshiped by us. And if we work to serve others, we’re serving God. Because people have God within them and even though we have God within us too, we must understand that God can’t serve others but through us. He sent us here to work through us. Not for us to serve and work solely for ourselves. If we work to serve ourselves, we’re pushing energy backwards into ourselves. Creating false happiness. Drowning ourselves. Suicide unawares.

God is a pouring flow that must go in one direction. Through each of us into others. If we stop the flow to others, and instead turn it inward focused, we drown. Because we’re only meant to pour out. Created to Love. Not pour in. But to give. Not to take from another. God gives to us from within. The source of life, in order to live in joy and give to one another. To ‘pour in’ doesn’t immediately drown us to death. No. First the fill must be met. And during that beginning time of self-service, we feel very comfortable. Happy even. Pleased with ourselves. It feels good. Until were completely submerged. At that point, some of us start to be in-denial. Confused about the happiness we had in our past because we don’t recognize the difference between true happiness and false happiness yet.

We must understand who we’re supposed to give to. And whom it’s supposed to be from. Don’t give yourself credit for helping others when it was the source whom made you able to serve.

Self-assessment is a wonderful thing. This is where we come head to head with that ultimate cross roads. Is it wrong to want to be happy? No. It’s just false if it’s for you and you alone. But to want to be happy and fulfilled by serving others, is wonderful and in line with what God wants too.

God wants us to be happy. Knowing God’s will is not difficult when one understands love and false love. When we don’t believe in love and service to others as necessary, a false sense of enjoyment confuses our ability to know anything is wrong in the first place.

Between self-service and God service, lays a very strong line. When you’re aligned with doing what Love would do, confusion ceases to exist. We each have an internal battle. Some battles are so bad, a person could end up killing themselves. And many have. Many want to right now. But we have to keep trying to go on, even if our only forward movement is onto the ground. Our chin pulling us inch by inch. DO NOT STOP LIVING.

To live is to choose trust. No matter where you find yourself at. When all things come calling to challenge you, pull ever closer to God. Still remaining aware we are in a place designed to teach each of us, in our own way. How to love and practice selflessness.

Giving and taking.

Chapter: The Con–spi–race-y

Could it be that the makers of Bibles all over the world, have stated their TRUE beliefs clearly in the very beginning of a single version of their printed “Holy Bible”?

Is it possible that the makers of Bibles are linked to a massive evil that is being perpetuated upon the people of the entire earth? And using “God’s book” to do so?

Let us look VERY CLOSELY. Below is the very first piece of writing within the NCV Bible. Page two

printed in 2006 Thomas Nelson

It begins:


THE STORY is told that many years ago, Art Linkletter saw a small boy scrawling wildly on a sheet of paper. “What are you drawing?” Linkletter asked.

“I’m drawing a picture of God.”

“You can’t do that, because nobody knows what God looks like”.

“They will when I’m finished.” The boy confidently replied.

As senseless as this story is, many of us have based our life beliefs on foundations no more solid than the young boy’s drawing. It is no surprise that life’s difficulties expose the lack of meaning in our lives and the inadequacy of our sources for answers to the questions of our hearts”.

The use of the word “senseless” here is to say its ‘ridiculous’. A pointless story.

“Beliefs on foundations”… WEAK (no more solid) than the boy’s drawings. A weak drawing, a senseless story.

“Difficulties”. People with meaningful lives have no difficulties. A difficult life must indicate we have no sense of meaning. Senseless & inadequate, is a child. By view of this man. SO.

Come read this book in order to have an adequate source for the questions of your heart. Because believing you can figure out who God is just by believing you can, like this boy, is senseless. Pointblank. Let’s go back a bit and take a closer look at who “Art Linkletter” was.

With a very simple people search, he is known to be a friend to both Walt Disney and former President Ronald Reagan. He went to college to become a teacher. Then quit teaching because radio paid better (indicating love for children and teaching them was not his true intention) Began working as a media personality, where he was now, again working mostly with kids.

When he first came here from Canada he plead guilty to falsely claiming US citizenship, and paid a fine. He was then charged with scheming to influence a city purchase of the “financially troubled” Valley Music Theater in Woodland Hills. He had five children of three whom died before him, the youngest was an actress named Diane. She was born on Halloween day and died of suicide by “jumping” out of a 6 story window. On October 4 th , 1969 at 9 a.m.

Linkletter quickly stated in the media, she was on LSD and therefore out of her mind and did not commit suicide. Then quickly helped launch THE anti-Drug campaign for Ronald Reagan. Only for it to be later revealed there were no drugs found in her system. He knew the whole time.

It was also later revealed she was with a man named Edward Durston since 3 a.m that morning. The same man was also with an actress named Carol Wayne 15 years later, in Mexico, when she too died of a mysterious drowning within one foot of water. While he had “went for a walk on the beach”, after an argument with her.

My questions and comments:

Why quote this man in the introduction of a supposed Holy book?

It has recently been revealed Walt Disney was a Satanist and pedophile. So why would this man

Linkletter, whom is closely associated to a very questionable, Rich man such as Disney, be quoted at the very beginning of this “Holy book”, at all?

This book teaches people to wait for Jesus to return, instead of receiving him now, they are left in

suspension. This book is presented as “a plan for your life”. Whose plan? God’s they claim. But surely we are all recognizing this book couldn’t possibly be the limited capacity of God himself to speak to us. For God is within, ONLY within not in a book, and not only speaking to us through others. God speaks to his children DIRECTLY. ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Here’s a fact to look at when we weigh the reasons these people have perpetuated this trickery upon us. Are we in a race, being rushed, raced and ridden ‘in time’ upon an urgent time line of some sort? Is an indicator of this possibility associated to the Gregorian calendar, proclaimed in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII and is it supposed to indicate the “Second Coming of Christ”?

The common message of this religious community is “be ready for the coming, to be taken away with the Lord”. There is no rush. Only the rush to turn away and serve God instead.

Immediately. Put the book down and begin to pray that God opens your eyes because this is only the beginning of some of the scariest revelations we will see, to come.

Chapter: Taken For a Ride

A few weeks back I was watching a TV show about magic and the Monarchy trying to control it. When I looked at the crown sitting atop the King’s head. Suddenly it looked to me like a “halo” – fallen. And I thought to myself “A halo is above, a crown is fallen.” Placed upon the head. Fallen and changed from spiritual power, into the thing this world holds most dear. Gold.

Knowing gold is one of the symbolisms of worldly riches. I completely understood the true meaning of a crown atop one’s head. At that very moment, I seen the crown as nothing more than a clear indicator of a fallen halo. A fallen angel.

Being that we’re all here as Angels. Either fallen or risen. I shared this thought with my daughter and then thought some more about how this realization is truth and recognized the wrongness of a monarchy in practice and in mind. Because a monarchy style mind frame doesn’t only exist within people in Britain who maintain this life style. I understand a specific daily practice of living and mental conditionings are quite necessary for people in those types of positions. And

perhaps they must maintain this order of thought, in order to think and believe other people’s lives are less important than theirs. Less worthy to be served but to be enslaved. Whether knowingly or unknowingly. Weak. But a royal styled ‘mind view’ believes they ‘have more’ and their lives are more important for many different reasons. Bloodline being the most popular, theirs also those who believe their ability to comprehend or physical strength being greater, qualifies them to simply take what they want. But from what I’ve read about them and their beliefs. They truly believe their “monarchy”, is a service to people. That they were “chosen” by God. To Rule. Though if you watch and look closely at their practices, you’ll see they live a life of riches. Wealth. With servants to serve them. Yet Christ came to serve others. Not be served. How possibly could we not see those who think in this practice, are in fact, opposite? Anti.

When I read the bible I realized my understanding of Angels and Demons was nothing like the

explanations of those whom claim the book as belonging to their religion. I understood it to be talking about real people here and now. We… are the angels and demons.

Our demon or angelic status shows within the constructs of our life decisions, and reactions to people around us as we deal with the living issues within this world. We aren’t just people here on earth, no, we hold great powers in choosing to be either angel or demon.

Undeniably a monarchy is a group of people whom identify as a ‘royal family’. “Sovereigns, Supreme rulers.” A sovereign is an unrestricted individual whom is not controlled by outside forces, laws or court systems. One whom is held of “higher” importance?

Let’s look at the antonym, the opposite of a sovereign, (which would be ALL of us): Taken into

confinement. Hampered not free, not able to act at will. Held in servitude. Now let us look at the most important thing in which a monarchy adorns as a symbol of this ‘old’ way of thinking. A crown. It is the most important symbol for these groups.

All of these realizations rushed to the forefront of my mind and I finally understood, indeed these are real people. Whom are alive today, on this planet! I now understood why the crown sits upon the head, and does not float above it. For the crown is but the symbol of fallen Angels.

A very large importance lays with knowing oneself in order to fully understand whom you are. And though I also feel one could never fully ‘know one’s self’, because we are ever changing, I also recognize getting to know ourselves daily is the same as shaping ourselves, daily. We live and love by choices yet we do not choose where we are.

We simply arrive. However we do maintain an ability to truly influence the systems that surround us. I notice I, along with those around me, are a people whom earn money for working. The money we earn is forcefully and under threat of death (ie. Prison), divided unto those whom claim to be working for “OUR protections.” A protection from a threat we are told exists around us. Death. It wants to kill us and… take our money too. Our hard earned living work. For whom can work once they are no longer alive. This way of living only exists while we are here.

Throughout history, we see these same ‘Monarchy thinking’ people, used to take peoples earnings via the fear of “soul death.” They’d claimed to be the controllers of the place in which those whom die are sent. Basically, they regulated people through fear of “hell” and death. After ‘life conditioning’ them through their wishes for paradise and heaven. They’d maintain control over their food, land and property. Except now they use the writings of Jesus’ followers to represent an appearance of people whom “Love God.”

The more I understood how it all works, the more I knew I needed to share this understanding with anyone who will listen. And though lesser have been assassinated by these people for saying less. (Christ was literally assassinated for speaking truth) And I had to figuratively reason myself into writing about this subject because it is so controversial and indeed threatening. But if my life isn’t on the line, then I’m not standing against the ‘right’ wrong doers. Speaking against ALL the powers that be today. I’m against spreading lies. Spreading mental practices of being in denial by dogmatically participating because “it’s the right thing to do”. Are we living “free” in a country run by people whom live here? Via a voting system.

What I see are politicians who though they do not outwardly wear crowns, maintain the “have more, therefore I’m better”, way of thinking, in many positions of ‘public service’. Who can maintain a desire to serve US when their minds are designed to stay rich? Trust. We DO NOT HAVE PUBLIC SERVANTS WHOM DO NOT HAVE.

Envision the “have not’s”, running things?

Rich people make their money work for them. Their money is what serves them. It would be impossible for them to choose to serve others when they are being served so well. Pointblank. Being rich is a combination of the practice of accumulation of wealth along with the practice of hoarding money. If we look at history closely, we can see the entire “American Justice system” is affiliated by design to the systems of the British Monarchy. Look at the words used. “Court”. An “establishment of a sovereign”. By saying “your honor” one recognizes the judge as the sovereign in the room. The authority.

I can’t truthfully say I believe the men whom formed these systems and this country, wanted freedoms FOR US from the crown. Looking back what I see is they captured land. Accepted kindness of the Natives. Then slaughtered them in the middle of the night. And sent the survivors out on a trail of tears while they pushed papers around stating they were clearing lands. “The Indian removal Act of 1830.” Claiming in other areas of writings, they “settled on lands the Natives were no longer living on due to a

plague.” Forgiveness has nothing to do with not facing the truth. One must first face the facts before deciding to accept the existence of lies. Christ’s message was forgiveness, not denial.

How can a country divided, be run by “our own people?” For the People? When only portions of “the people are counted or opinions considered?” Because that’s what I see being done by this system of voting, taxing and forcing compliance.

Living by truth is my charge from God. I am charged with telling the truth when I see wrong being done.

And if I too have done wrong, I’m tasked to ask forgiveness and make amends. My perspectives come to you from a place of research and fact based statements. I do not offer you suppositions or assumptions. Nor observations. I’m offering to you, a look at the facts of history and facts of current. In order for us both to know, I’m not trying to convince you to see something that is not there. But something that has been here, for a very long time.

Let’s not stop with the formation of America. Because I’m not only speaking on the country I live in. No I’m speaking about all the countries of the world. For they are ALL run by the same groups of people. A people whom think in a specific way. A way that is based in claims of ownership and order. An order which is so cleverly devised to appear as “good” or necessary. It’s like webs are spun around each worker beast. Understand. “They” do not think like “us.” Though most of us do not think alike in general, those of these particular groups share the same mind frames. A royalty based mind frame. Let’s start by looking back in recorded history at the people in control during a time called, “The Middle Ages, 1273 – 1453 AD.”

During these times it was the Papacy (the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church). Whom ran wars and controlled countries. Claiming supremacy via conquering alongside Kings and Queens. Steering the Anti- Christ horse of sword bearing false believers. In the same way false believers today hurt, kill and do evils under the flag of a cross.

Allow me to show you how these practices of “self-worship” and enslavement, have taken to

running/controlling the world. For, knowing what is backwards, is knowing what is forward.

I’ve observed a massive mind trick being perpetrated upon many people today. A subject based in fear. Its focus lays within the Christian religious community. It has many subjects connecting to it. But the subject titles generally appear the same in meaning. “The mark of the beast, the anti-Christ, his return, the rapture.”

Covert mental practices of fear for well-meaning people unaware of being unaware.

When I studied and partially obsessed into it, I understand the beast not to be a man, whom shall force people to do as he wants. But as a people. Driven. Ridden. Run.

The Beast is steered by “reigns.” A kingdom reigns over a people. We have been bread to run in a race

like a horse. Like a beast.

We. Are. The Beast.

Many people are afraid about how we might be forced to take chips into our hands or heads in the future

in order to function within this world. However I’m going to show you that what we need to see is not

fear for the future. But to face where we are NOW. How we got here.

How did we become a Beast? How did we allow someone to jump on our backs and ride us in directions

we would rather not be? How do we continue to be forced to participate in these obviously self-harming


It all starts with how we live. Back when we first began to TRADE.

Back then, in order to control places of trade. Kings would conquer people and areas of trade, by

organizing protections. When people were mentally weak from having been violated via thievery which

resulted in levels of starvation. They’d come to the people and convince them they needed protection

from those thieves and tyrants. Those …pirates.

SO for a long time a King was looked upon as being a very benevolent figure whom was supposed to

protect the people he served. Protections provided by his military force. But if you listen closely to old

stories. You’ll learn that to truly protect a people from others who would want to harm or steal from them,

one would not also take from them. And in turn enslave them via their earnings and resources such as

knowledge for self-sufficiency, water and Land.

America is supposed to be the first country self-run. Run similarly to the way a King runs his kingdom.

But not owned by a king. Our government workers are not supposed to run us as inferior subjects. Nor are

we supposed to pay them such high wages to “work for us.”

Look very closely at what a Government is supposed to do. What are they supposed to regulate? The

people & the products? The trade practices? The minds. Govern-mental.

It all starts with the mind.

Look at these words and what do they make you think they mean: Temporal Rule. Bill of Rights.

Constitution. Constituents (Voters, citizens, elements, components, parts).

What is a “bill” and who is being owed for US being given something? Wouldn’t that mean WE belong to

an owner? Here’s what you owe us because we traded something of yours for something of ours.

If an exchange of sale has taken place, country wide, please help me understand what exactly you gave to

me? And what exactly is it you expect I owe you?

A bill of rights is charged to whom? We the people. But ultimately, are we charged with being given

something that is natural? Natural rights? Freedom is a natural right outside of Tyranny. (oppression,