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Self Motivation Letter 2016

Dear Caroline,

Our comfort zone has been obliterated. The challenge that is present in our life right now, that is moving to motivate us to create, is a lasting vision of who we want to be, a goal we will work to be, and that is to get my family back together. I must recognize that A is not the only one who has been ripped from us, M has too. Our challengers are C, J, J, N and D. Taking aim at

us through our children is an attempt on our life, therefore we shall either die or swim hard and create big waves.

I am thankful for these dumbbells being my motivators and pushing me into the desperation for this success. I will experience and provide love and blessedness for my children to lavish in, for the future. I must maintain this thankful mind and attitude toward them all, not hatred or anger or frustration. I must not be afraid but focused and ready. I must stay ready. I will not give in to sadness, I will not allow sadness to defeat me because sadness means I have already

been defeated and I’ve used up all my fight, and that would be a lie, because I do not yet know my limits until I push them or they are pushed and I can go on and on until I can go no more, and when I think I cannot go on further, I will draw strength from the unlimited source within me.

Therefore I will NEVER BE DEFEATED. Because I believe in, “truth and the strength within me”.

I am going to create a fantasy of my highest self. Then live up to it. I will no longer be passive.

I will take full and complete possession over my own mind. It is MY own mental attitude. I plan to work, and I plan out the work. I use both sides of my abilities, like how I practice ambidextrous use. I actively change my thinking. How you act is who you are. Become who I act like I am. Sit quietly alone. Observe insights and my mind. “Sit in silence”.

Goal 1: Create the strongest self I’ve ever known I could be

Goal 2: Complete my book, submit it to be published. The goal of my book is to expose a very heartless and ruthless system and aid those in need. Look into newspaper and writers for publicity.

Goal 2: Sing live and do things to build up my successful self,

Goal 3: Win A and M back into my custody

Goal 4: My movie will be produced by Tyler Perry

Power Goal 1: Become a famous writer, singer, motivator, mother, masseuse and inspiration

Original songs to perform: Your dual, Signs, Prison & Got Your Money - acoustic

Got Your Money Lyrics: (original song posted on carolinagsings77 YouTube channel and is now lost forever when YouTube shut my channel down without cause and refusing to tell me why)

Bet you’re not what you said, when you said

But you know you got to find you got to be there, when you said

There’s no speaking a low for what you know

What you say when you want to go

And who ya, gotchya money fake your money what ya want your honey love

Or what you take

Butchya, not the funny one, ya gotchya lovin one aaaahhaaa

And you see, through me, for the fall awaken at a what you did what ya

Money when your honey gotchyou baken, what ya know you’re not faken

And when they give up your life

Give up your life, give you up your life

What they said give might take it

What you, what you maken

And they’re not just - hoping to relieve, my only

Their hoping to relieve, your heart

Oh now we're still going off that temporary of camp

Now you take all my lay

Or what you may aaaaaahhhaaaaa

What you say, and that’s for my life

Make that doll right oh right

Make your fight bite

And give the temporary and the thought just taking and you said you’d rake it

But you’re not faking it, you’re not faking it, you’re not faking it your uuuuhhhhh oooo

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